Top 10 Summer Men's Fragrances for Every Occasion

If we're being completely honest, it's not enough to just look good every day. You should also smell good. When considering how we present ourselves, from clothing to hairstyles, signature scents can't be ignored.

Enter the vast and exciting world of fragrance. Often referred to as "cologne" by most men, perfume is an absolute must-have in any man's daily routine. They can provide the finishing touch to any outfit and can even help set the tone for the rest of the day.

Perfume Basics

For the uninitiated, perfumes come in several "strengths" (meaning how strong they are) and are generally divided into four main scent families. For a more in-depth guide, check out this article we published a few months ago. But other than that, here's a quick crash course in fragrance.

The lightest concentration you can get is an eau fraiche, which consists of 1% - 3% perfume oil and usually only lasts a short time.

Next is eau de cologne, which contains 2% – 4% perfume oils and usually lasts around two hours.

Eau de Toilettes are one of the most common concentrations as they are composed of 5% – 15% pure perfume essence and usually last longer.

Perfume (eau de parfum) has a strong smell. They are composed of 15 to 20 percent pure perfume essence and typically last between five and eight hours.

The strongest strength available is perfume. They are the most concentrated, containing 20% – 30% of pure perfume essence, and typically last up to twenty-four hours.
Spray perfume on the wrists

Generally speaking, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Toilette are the most recommended concentrations, as other concentrations usually fade away quickly or linger for a while, outliving their popularity.

Additionally, perfumes typically fall into one of four main scent families: woody, floral, amber, and fresh. Woody scents are sometimes considered the most masculine, but every scent category offers surprising unisex fragrances that can please anyone. Just do some experimentation.

However, some fragrances are best suited to specific seasons and climate types, not to mention certain occasions. Summer is right around the corner and you may be wondering which fragrance is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got a list ready.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 favorite men’s fragrances for summer 2024, along with some advice on when and where to wear them. Each category contains two entries, but feel free to try it anyway.

These are not hard and fast rules for naming each fragrance listed. Rather, they are friendly advice. If you happen to find your new favorite, enjoy it!

#1: The Best Everyday, All-Purpose Summer Fragrance: Hermes H24

On most summer days, you want something fresh, reliable, and crowd-pleasing. Nothing too loud, but still noticeable. A fragrance that evokes images of nature in the modern world, with slightly metallic and technological notes.

To satisfy all these needs, look no further than the Hermès H24. A relatively new fragrance released in 2022, this simple yet powerful scent has, for lack of a better word, captured the noses of the perfume world - and they refuse to give it back.
Hermes H24

Men who love fragrances of all kinds rave about the aromatic, botanical freshness and lively top notes of Hermès H24. If you're still wondering which fragrance to wear this summer, choose Hermès H24. It won't let you down.

#2: The Everyday Runner-Up: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Ralph is right. For another great everyday option, consider this classic all-time watch. Polo Blue combines fresh citrus with a refreshing blend of geranium, oak and more to great effect.

This fragrance belongs firmly to the family of fresh citrus scents, making it a perfect scent for any summer day and a long-lasting classic that will stand the test of time.
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Wear it while enjoying brunch with friends. Wear it to the tennis court. Wear this to an outdoor concert. That’s okay – you’ll smell great.

#3: The Best Summer Date Fragrance: Cartier Déclaration

Generally, woody scents tend to be considered more masculine. When you take that special someone out for a night on the town this summer, you want to exude just the right amount of subtle confidence—without sacrificing summer sentiment.

This is what Cartier Manifesto excels at. The fragrance opens with top notes of bitter orange and bergamot, and a base of soothing traditional masculine amber.
Cartier Déclaration

With a blend of cedar wood, vetiver and oakmoss, this scent is undeniably appealing year-round, but the top notes also make it perfect for romantic summer nights. Your date will be impressed – take our word for it.

#4: The Summer Date Runner-Up: Tom Ford Azure Lime

Lime is a summer must-have – this may not have been said by anyone, but it rings more or less true. You put them in your cocktails, so why not put them in your perfume?

Tom Ford Azure Lime

This fragrance by Tom Ford has a strong top note of (you guessed it) lime, but it's well balanced with a classic sandalwood base. Super masculine, perfect for a date, but with a hint of lime to keep up with the summer mood.

#5: The Best Summer Fragrance to Wear for a Job Interview: Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt

During a job interview, you want to sound confident, but not so aggressive. Choosing the right fragrance is key to integrating your image into a complete picture and truly selling yourself.

For something less overpowering but with universal appeal, consider Jo Malone London's popular Wood Sage and Sea Salt fragrance.

Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt

The heart of this fragrance is sea salt, reminiscent of refreshing seaside and free-spirited nature. However, its sage base enhances the confident woody aroma, making you appear classy and witty.

#6: The Job Interview Runner-Up: Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day

A highly sophisticated yet adventurous fragrance, Sailing Day, Maison Margiela's acclaimed REPLICA collection, is a classic summer fragrance.

Reminiscent of days spent on a boat at sea, this fresh aquatic fragrance features top notes of aquatic notes, coriander and red seaweed essence.

Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day

It's a perfect interview scent because there's nothing too loud or obnoxious about it. However, for those who do notice it, there is an incredibly pleasant and memorable scent that is worth discovering and enjoying, and is sure to leave a good impression.

#7: The Best Summer Fragrance to Wear to The Office: Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio

So, it looks like you got the job! Astonishing. But you might be trying to find a good fragrance to wear to work every day. A simple recommendation? It doesn’t get more classic than Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio.

Most users of this fragrance say it's very easy to wear. This is great for offices because while you want to smell good in the boardroom, you don't want people complaining to HR about your heavy use of cologne.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio

Acqua di Gio, a fragrance staple since 1996, combines marine top notes with a cedar base. Perfect for summer and year round.

#8: The Office Runner-Up: Calvin Klein CK One

If you want a simple yet summer-appropriate look, the Calvin Klein CK One is a great choice. It's undeniably in tune with the spirit of the season, with top notes bursting with notes of citrus, papaya, lemon and more.

The middle notes contain aromas such as nutmeg and rose, while the base notes are musk and amber, retaining a masculine tone.
Calvin Klein CK One

Perfect for any time of day and not too bold to wear to work, the CK One is sure to get your attention this summer.

#9: The Best Fragrance for Summer Weddings: Yves Saint Laurent L’HOMME

There's a reason why Yves Saint Laurent fragrances are universally loved, and their classic L'HOMME scent really delivers on that.

Perfect for formal events but totally suitable for everyday use, top notes of lemon, ginger and bergamot are key elements of a classic summer scent.

Yves Saint Laurent L’HOMME

Base notes of tonka bean, cedarwood and Tahitian vetiver keep the scent fresh and masculine, providing an all-day fragrance suitable for any setting but excelling in formal occasions.

#10: The Summer Wedding Runner-Up: Coach Green

Don't overlook this powerful fragrance - it features top notes of rich kiwi, complemented by crisp bergamot. The heart contains rosemary and geranium, while the base consists of crystal moss and cedar wood.
Coach Green

While the scent of this fragrance is certainly rich and earthy, it's a perfect blend of woody and fruity notes that will feel right at home at any summer event.

A Final “Note” of Advice

While we stand behind every fragrance recommendation, we definitely encourage you to head to your local retailer and try it out for yourself. The best way to determine if you like a certain smell is to smell it up close.

Nearly all of the fragrances listed above are popular fragrances and have won some serious popularity contests, so there's a good chance you'll like them, but it's still worth testing them out for yourself.

Sometimes, different people react differently to smells. Maybe you find that while you like the top notes of a certain fragrance, you find the base notes annoying after a while. Or you might realize that your favorite line of scents isn't what you thought it was.

Regardless, the ideal way to choose the right fragrance for yourself this summer and for any season or occasion is to try it out! Who knows, you might discover something new that really helps you smell your best.