10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

When we are young, we can't wait to grow up so we can finally do adult things.

Let's admit how wrong we were to say this.

Aging isn't just about what you see in the mirror, there's more to it internally.

Today we list 10 things that happen as you age. Let's see to what extent you can relate to these.

1. Stop Paying Attention To Other People’s Nonsense

10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

A study conducted by British anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar was published in 2016 in the Journal Social Networks.

By analyzing participants' call records, he determined that the average person was in regular contact with only about five people.

This is not surprising because as you get older you take on more responsibilities and therefore less time.

Young people's greatest wishes include having many friends and being liked by everyone.

You get to the point where you've had enough and you put your interests first.
As you get older, you start to realize that maintaining all these connections wastes a lot of your time.

After all, not everyone you know wants to be your friend, and you don't like everyone you know.

Since you have less and less time, you can no longer waste it on people who hurt you.

With this in mind, what follows is no surprise.

2. You Don’t Care Much About What Other People Think

10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

We know that as we age, our social circles—at least the ones we interact with—get smaller, leaving less room for us to accept outside opinions.

As we age, the few connections we maintain with close friends and family are the support we need. There are many opinions to discuss.

Insights from people who matter to us are more important. We no longer waste time on gossip and rumors we avoid them because they cause trouble.

All of this is a major stress reliever because we can be sure that the things we are hearing - whether positive or negative - are coming from the hearts of people who only want the best for us.

If you spend time questioning yourself about what others will think of you, you will never succeed.

Throughout our lives, we hear all kinds of things about ourselves and the people around us. Some of it turns out to be true, but everything else becomes laughable.

Seriously, we learn to laugh at the negative things we hear about us – something that would shock us as a child or young adult.

We also learn to appreciate those who offer constructive criticism, which helps us open our eyes to things we need to work on.

3. You Will Lose Your Hair Quickly

10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

One of the biggest fears most men face is seeing their hair start to fall out, but what surprises them is how quickly hair loss can occur.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men will experience some form of male pattern baldness by age 35.

There are many reasons for this: genetics, chemicals in hair care products, stress, and unhealthy eating habits are just some of the well-known causes.

We have an article dedicated to the ten most common causes of hair loss, as well as tips for overcoming them.

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Most people don’t find a cure until it’s too late, and companies like Keeps realize this.

Therefore, they look at the problem from another angle and focus on prevention.

4. You Start To See Yourself In Others

10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

As a child, you have big dreams of growing up.

Most people want to make an impact on the world in some way. That's why there are so many aspiring artists and athletes.

Others hope to change the planet—and many hope to eventually go down in history.

Life teaches us that not everyone is destined for worldwide recognition. But that doesn’t mean their lives aren’t impactful.

As you get older, the relationships you maintain in your life become more meaningful. It’s no secret that we tend to act, talk, and think like the people around us, but we’re not just sponges that absorb everything.

The people around us become mirrors of ourselves.

The good things we say and do can inspire others to do the same, and we find that our friends, family, and especially the younger generation are inspired by us.

Unfortunately, we are only human and we make mistakes. Seeing people make the same mistakes we do allows us to see the impact we can have on others.

5. You Adopt A Core Set Of Values

10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

We’ve all heard the saying: “As you get older, you get wiser”.

Most people believe this to be true, and psychology points out good reasons for this to be the case.

As we get older, we learn more and more life lessons. We have had so much experience in every situation so far that it feels like nothing can surprise us anymore.

All of this—for better or worse—leads us to believe that we understand why the world works.

But that’s never a bad thing, having a set of values or rules that we live by—assuming they benefit us and don’t harm others—is a good way to approach life.

6. Life Events Become More Meaningful

10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

According to Psychology Today, adults are more emotionally stable than young people.

Adults focus more on good things and less on bad things and recover more easily from negative emotions.

This might lead people to believe that your mood generally decreases as you age, but this is not the case.

As we age, we take on responsibilities that narrow our focus and make us more immersed in the things around us.

Although adults have fewer emotional reactions than young people, their emotions are more intense.

This is because older generations have more life experiences, which makes them more resilient.

On the plus side, our sense of accomplishment and pride also increases.

Because we play a role in people's lives as responsible adults, we tend to view the successes and failures of those around us as our own.

In other words, we also develop higher levels of empathy.

7. You Respond Better To Stress

10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

We’ve already discussed how as you get older, you stop caring. Thankfully, this also applies to stress.

Although there are many definitions of stress, people experience stress in different ways.

Stress is a common response when feeling forced to do something, such as make a difficult decision or change the way we do things.

Uncertainty about the outcome can make us uneasy. This is why work-related stress is so common among adults.

You can do it. After all, you've done it many times before.
As you get older, you experience many of the same life situations over and over again. As you gain experience, the pressure of “Can I do this?” disappears. to "No problem, I've done it many times."

The confidence that we can get through it, no matter what we’re doing, frees us from daily stress.

This is why experience is so valuable in life. It teaches us how to continue where many have decided to stop.

8. You Finally Become A Morning Person

10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

Still, wondering how your mom wakes up at 6 am every day while you barely get out of bed at 9 am to go to school?

Believe it or not, it's not just her. Generally speaking, adults wake up earlier for both medical and social reasons.

There’s a reason the term “9 to 5” is used to explain the average person’s work schedule.

This means that, regardless of whether you were a morning person when you were younger, most people in the world wake up early and start their day.

You may hate your alarm clock, but you should also be grateful for how it helps you keep up with the world.
Over time, the body begins to recognize sleep timing patterns and adjust accordingly—most people are aware of this.

This is what it feels like to wake up naturally at the same time every day, regardless of when you fall asleep.

As you age, you also get less sleep, but it's not as bad as it sounds.

Simply put, as you age, you use less energy and your body takes less time to recover during sleep.

That's why it's not uncommon for older adults to sleep 6 hours, and they often make up for it by taking naps during the day.

9. Time Flies By

10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

When you're young, all you think about is "When will this end so I can finally play, socialize, and enjoy my free time?"

School seems to never end and the weekends are far away. Now, all you can think about is the deadline.

When you are young, you have a very narrow view of the world. You interact with 90% of the people in your social circle every day.

You probably live with your parents and see them every day. Your friends are all in the same school and community as you.

But as you get older and your connections start to spread out, you realize how valuable your time is.

Will you look at the time? Has it been so many years?
The average person starts out living with their parents and only sees them a few times a year once they move out.

You start having to schedule meetings with friends, sometimes days or weeks in advance, as life takes you down different paths and destinations.

Our social circles, once just a few streets wide, are now spread out—sometimes even across the globe.

Luckily for us, social media and the internet help us stay connected to the people in our lives, but it also reminds us how quickly time can pass and how much it can change.

10. You Become Happier

10 Shocking Things That Happen As You Get Older

The University of California, San Diego School of Medicine conducted a comprehensive study of 1,006 people.

They found that after the age of seven, happiness levels begin to decline, but then increase again as you approach 70.

You learn to appreciate the small positive things in life, and as we've already mentioned, the negative things affect you less.

For most, they find their place in the community, see their impact on the community, and begin to feel a sense of belonging.

As you get older, you start to love yourself and appreciate the progress you've made in life.

They take on responsibilities that are more meaningful to themselves and those around them.

We spend most of our lives chasing things that we think will bring us happiness.

It’s only when we realize that we may never get many of these things that we begin to appreciate all that life has to offer us.

As you get older, you realize things aren't as bad as people think. After all, it's just part of life.

Growing up doesn't mean you have to give up your youth — but keep these ten things in mind so you won't be surprised when you grow up.