When To Get An Extra Long Tie?

Choosing the right tie length is key to achieving an elegant, well-proportioned look. Standard tie lengths usually suit most people, but in some cases, extra-long ties become necessary. People are confused about when to wear extra-long ties. Let’s try to better understand tie length, how to measure a tie correctly, and when choosing an extra-long tie is the best option.

What Is The Standard Tie Length?

When To Get An Extra Long Tie?
Standard tie lengths are designed to accommodate average heights and body proportions. In the fashion world, the typical length of a standard tie is about 57 to 58 inches. Extra-long ties are available in longer lengths. This length is generally suitable for people of average height and those who prefer a traditional tie knot. The goal is that when the tie is worn correctly, the tip of the tie falls right at or just above the belt line.

How To Measure A Tie?

When To Get An Extra Long Tie?
Proper measurement of your tie is crucial to ensure it fits your body proportions and torso length. This can be helpful when choosing an extra-long tie. Here's a simple guide on how to measure a tie:

Starting at the tip: Lay the tie flat and measure the distance from the tip (point) to the narrow end of the tie.
Ends in the middle: Standard tie length is usually measured when knotted to the middle of the end around the belt line. This ensures that the tie looks proportionate and balanced with the overall outfit.
Consider Knot Size: Keep in mind the size of your preferred knot. If you regularly tie larger knots such as a Windsor or Double Windsor, you may need a slightly longer tie to achieve the desired length after tying.

Ideal Tie Length For Different Body Types


When To Get An Extra Long Tie?
While standard tie lengths fit many people, taller or shorter people may need adjustments to get the perfect fit. Here is a brief overview based on body type:

Taller People: If you are taller, over 6 feet (183 cm), you may find that standard-length ties make your ties too short. In this case, an extra-long tie is a practical option, ensuring that the tie reaches the ideal length after being knotted.

People of Short stature: For people of short stature, under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), a standard length tie may be too long, resulting in an excessive length when knotted. In this case, you may consider a shorter tie or choose a different style
Marked as "short" or "extra short."

What Is The Length Of An Extra-Long Tie?

Extra-long ties are typically about 61 to 63 inches long and are designed to cater to those who are taller or who prefer a larger knot style. These ties provide the necessary length to ensure that the tie tip falls at or slightly above the belt line, even after tying larger knots.

When To Choose An Extra-Long Tie?

There are some specific scenarios and preferences that make choosing an extra-long tie a wise decision:

Tall People: As mentioned previously, taller people may find that the standard tie length results in the tie being too short when knotted. The extra-long tie accommodates extra height, ensuring a shapely and polished look.

Prefer a larger knot: If you prefer a larger knot, such as a Windsor or Double Windsor, an extra-long tie can provide the necessary length to achieve the desired look without sacrificing overall balance.

Larger Neck Sizes: People with larger neck sizes may find standard ties too short when knotted. Extra-long ties provide the extra length needed for a comfortable fit and proper alignment.

Sleek or Casual Style: Some people prefer a more casual or smart style with a slightly longer tie. This effortless look is often seen on fashion-forward occasions and can be achieved with an extra-long tie.

How To Style An Extra-Long Tie?

Designing an extra-long tie requires attention to detail to maintain a polished and neat look:

When wearing an extra-long tie, make sure the knot is at an appropriate chest height. The tip of the tie should fall at or slightly above the waistline for a balanced look.
While extra-long ties can provide extra length, avoid letting the tie hang too far below your waistline. Achieving the right balance ensures a refined and well-proportioned appearance.
Extra-long ties are available in a variety of knot styles. Experiment with different knots to find one that suits your style and body proportions.
If you find that even extra-long ties aren't the length you want, consider consulting a tailor. They can customize the length of the tie to meet your specific requirements.

Final Words

While standard tie lengths are suitable for many people, taller people or those with specific preferences may find that extra-long ties are the key to achieving a balanced and elegant look. Get ties in a variety of sizes from Hisdern. Whether you need an extra-long black tie or a unique yellow tie, there are a variety of styles and designs to choose from. With careful consideration and attention to detail, you can confidently choose the ideal tie length for any occasion.