How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day

8 Tips To Make Sure You Don’T Fail On Valentine’s Day

There’s no denying that Valentine’s Day has become commercialized and causes unnecessary stress. Building a relationship is about showing that you care every day, not just on certain days.

However, celebrating this day can be difficult, and it will take some extra planning and consideration from both of you to have a great time.

"Making sure you have the best Valentine's Day ever usually means you feel loved, appreciated, desired, and that you reciprocate all of those things with the person you love," says relationship/sex expert and psychiatrist Home author Gail Saltz "The best way to accomplish this is to put a little thought into creating opportunities for romance. Important aspects of romance include showing that you want to connect with the person you love, so communicate with your Make fun of your partner and make sure you're confident in what you have to offer."

To help you have the best Valentine's Day ever, check out our 8 different suggestions that will help you feel fun and excited from the moment you wake up on February 14th.

1. Enjoy Morning Love

How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day
If you're looking to have a sexy time this Valentine's Day, there's no need to wait until bedtime. Start the day with a bang, literally.

Jess O'Reilly, Astroglide's resident sexologist, suggests: "Wake your partner up by gently massaging their inner thighs. Give them a little tease, then slowly move closer to their hot spot to provide 'full Orientation Services' treatment."

2. Celebrate A Day Early

How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day can be a story of an expensive set dinner that you rush through to make room for the next round of reservations. There is no doubt that this is a mood killer. If you want to avoid crowded restaurants and "special" Valentine's Day packages, reserve a table a day or two before Valentine's Day. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised.

3. Attention

How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day
Be sure tolisten to what your partner says to you and listen to how they express how much they value you. "Even the most romantic little gestures, like leaving them a note or cooking them a meal, go a long way in creating a cocoon of love and creating the experience that makes Valentine's Day feel so good," Saltz said. 

4. Fulfill Your Fantasy

How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day
"Have you ever wondered what your girlfriend, partner or wife fantasizes about when their head is on the pillow? I can promise you, it's not you!" "Love in Rewind" and "Rewind said Tully Alexander, the romantic writer in "The Lie." "Everyone has an escape plan in mind, and if you're smart and lucky, you might be allowed to join in, or even asked to ride shotgun."

Pay attention to what your partner reads or watches and turn a little of their fantasies into reality this Valentine's Day.

"You can recreate a scene from their favorite romance novel or movie - I'm not talking about acrobats or anything painful, but something outside of 'normal routine' - and forget about the obligatory flowers and chocolates,” Alexander suggested. "Valentine's Day is about love, and if you love your partner, you want to be a part of their dreams."

5. Add A Personal Touch

How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day
Given that it's such a commercialized holiday, adding a personal touch to Valentine's Day is sure to leave a lasting impression.

"Make her favorite dessert from scratch, or [get] concert tickets to her favorite band. It doesn't have to be over the top, but prove that you know her better than she thinks." Matchmaker at Houston's "Just Lunch" says dating expert Sarah Pat.

Warning: Pat says giving the gift of lingerie can be very dangerous, especially if you're in a new relationship, which often means you only have one thing on your mind. "Be more creative so you can avoid potentially counterproductive consequences," she warned.

6. Pay Attention To The Little Things

How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day
"It's easy to buy shiny things from expensive brands, but if you take the time to buy her a range of little things that match different points of her personality and interests, I think it goes a long way in showing your true value. Understand She,” said Headlines & Heroes co-founder Bobby Rossi.

7. Unplug For A Few Hours

How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day
A night away from your phone, iPad, etc. won’t kill you.

"We all love social media, but live-tweeting Valentine's Day night is a big no-no," Pat said. "Give yourself a chance to focus and connect with your significant other."

But no matter what you do...

8. Be Sure To Celebrate

How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day
She said she didn't care about Valentine's Day. Do not be silly. Of course, she knows.

"Yes, Valentine's Day has become completely commercialized and tacky, but don't let yourself get separated and do something nice for the special lady in your life," says Pat. "Whether it's a simple card or a romantic dinner, just make sure to show her that you care enough about the day to put in some effort."