Scary Halloween Menu Ideas

Get your patrons and guests in the holiday spirit this October 31st with a scary Halloween menu. We've created a list of scary foods for Halloween that are easy to prepare and will help set the tone for a scary celebration in your bar or catering hall. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time planning and preparing your creative costumes with our Halloween dinner menu.

Halloween Party Food Ideas

If you're planning a Halloween party at a bar or a scary dinner at a restaurant, we've prepared a menu that will excite patrons of all ages. Keep reading to see our scary Halloween dinner ideas below.

  1. Halloween Appetizers

Start your scary celebration with these Halloween snack appetizers:

  • Spider Deviled Eggs
Scary Halloween Menu Ideas

Take the popular deviled eggs up a notch by adding a scary black olive spider on top. To make the spider, cut a pitted black olive in half for the spider's body and place it in the center of the deviled egg. Cut three black olive slices in half and surround the spider's body with creepy crawly legs. To add a touch of weirdness, you can mix some avocado into the yolk to turn the deviled eggs green. These adorable creepy crawlies are the perfect addition to your catered event or appetizers at a bar monster bash.

  • Mini Mummy Dogs
Scary Halloween Menu Ideas

Pigs in a blanket are a popular party appetizer, but you can add some fun twists to them by turning them into mummies. Cut crescent-shaped pastries into thin strips and wrap them around mini hot dogs or half-hot dogs to mimic the way a mummy would be wrapped. Be sure to leave a small gap at the top to add mummy eyes. You can use candy eyes or two dots of prepared mustard to create eyes that peer out from the mummy wrappings.

  1. Halloween Soups and Stews

Help warm up your customers on a cool fall night with some Halloween-style soups:

  • Spider Web Pecan Pumpkin Soup
Scary Halloween Menu Ideas

Pecan Pumpkin Soup with White Cobweb Drizzle

Pecan pumpkin soup is a fall staple. Not only is this soup a warming dish, but it also helps patrons fight the flu, making it a great addition to your Halloween menu. Use sour cream or plain yogurt to draw thin cobwebs on the top of the soup to make it fit for the holiday. Twist 3 circles around each other to make it look like a target. Using a toothpick, drag the tip from the center of the soup through the sour cream line to the edge of the bowl to create the interconnecting threads of a spider web. Try pairing with a vibrant tomato soup or a flavorful curry to better suit your menu.

  • Witch's Brew
Scary Halloween Menu Ideas

"Double, double, toil and trouble." Mimic the look of a witch's cauldron by serving your soup of the day in an eye-catching mini cast iron skillet. A cast iron skillet will keep your soup at the perfect temperature while creating a creepy meal. Fill your mini pot with ingredient-rich dishes like gumbo, beef and potato stew, or seafood cooking soup that mimics a magical mixture. "The fire is burning and the pot is bubbling."

  1. Halloween entrees

For your entrees, decorate your bar food with the following Halloween entree ideas:

  • Pumpkin Light Burger
Scary Halloween Menu Ideas

Dress it up for Halloween by turning your classic burger into a pumpkin light. Cut two triangles from the top of the bun to create eyes for the burger. You can overlap triangular slices of cheese on the edges of the patty to create a mouth on the burger. Top the burger with tomato stems to give it a striking resemblance to a freshly picked pumpkin. This meal will remind your customers of childhood pumpkin carving parties. Add a whole set of pumpkin light burgers with our burger substitution ideas.

  • Monster Pizza
Scary Halloween Menu Ideas

Make a creepy statement on your pizza menu by turning pizzas into monsters. Use toppings that pair perfectly with pizza cheese to make evil monster faces stare at your customers. Use cheese slices or hearts of palm to place the eyes on the pizza and use black olives as pupils. Give your monster green hair with basil leaves or green peppers. You can cut pepperoni into sharp triangles to add rows of scary teeth to your ferocious beast.

  1. Halloween Deli

If your customers are looking for great shareable options, offer them these creative Halloween deli boards:

  • Delicious Deli
Delicious Deli

Halloween cheese boards are the perfect addition to any Halloween party, whether you're hosting a catered event or just a night at the bar. Deli boards are perfect for adding snacks to any event. To add a festive touch, cut cheese slices into ghostly shapes and sprinkle black olive spiders on the cheese corners for an extra spooky touch. To create a skeletal effect, wrap breadsticks in slices of ham to resemble meat falling off the bone. Be sure to decorate your main board with miniature pumpkin-shaped bread rolls for a fall vibe.

  • Dessert Deli
<img style="float: none;" alt="Delicious Deli" src="">

Halloween is all about candy, so help your guests get into the holiday spirit with a candy deli board. Stock your board with desserts like chocolate, caramel, yummy popcorn, peanut butter cups, fudge worms, candy corn, and M&M chocolates. For those looking for lighter options, you can prepare fruit platters and serve delicious seasonal dips such as pumpkin butter or cinnamon cream cheese. Make bite-sized caramel apples by slicing them and coating them in caramel sauce. These snack platters are perfect for masquerade parties or for patrons to share around the table on an eerie night.

  1. Halloween Desserts

Round out your menu with the following Halloween dessert ideas for customers with a sweet tooth:

  • Graveyard Dirt Cups
Scary Halloween Menu Ideas

Dirt pudding cups are a perfect single-serving dessert to add to your menu. They can be customized with a variety of toppings and fall flavors that your customers will love. Take this dessert to unforgettable levels by turning it into a graveyard cup. Decorate the tops of the cups with edible chocolate tombstones and cookie coffins. You can see wriggling fudge worms crawling out of the graves and candy bones sticking out of the dirt. This dessert is as bizarre as it is delicious, and it can be easily wrapped up for customers to take on the go.

  • Meringue Ghosts
Scary Halloween Menu Ideas

For a crunchy horror treat, add meringue ghosts to pancakes, cupcakes and brownies. With a crunchy outside and marshmallow center, meringue is a delicious decoration for your signature bakes. To make the meringue look spooky, squeeze them higher before baking. Once cooked and dry, draw on two eyes and a mouth with some black icing to summon a cute-enough-to-eat little ghost.

Halloween night can attract tons of costumed patrons to your bars and restaurants. So tap your pumpkin bucket and keep the festivities going with a Halloween menu that will delight customers of all ages.