How to dress comfortably and stylishly when traveling

It can be a fun and sometimes frustrating experience when you want to look good while traveling but stay comfortable. As a full-time traveler, my one checked bag and backpack must carry all of my worldly possessions. The question is always, how can I look good without carrying ten suitcases?

We don't usually think about style when we travel, but we should. Dressing appropriately can put you in the best position to get an upgrade, get better treatment from flight attendants, lounge staff, and other travel professionals, and maybe even attract the attention of someone you like.

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You probably wouldn't wear a suit while traveling because it's simply not comfortable. When planning what to wear while traveling, you also need to consider space and financial considerations. A balance must be struck between comfort and style.

“A man has to be comfortable and elegant,” says Mish, an entrepreneur who travels frequently and looks stylish. “As a full-time traveler, my suitcase is filled with Public Rec trousers or sweatpants, a soft T-shirt, my Berluti Shadow sneakers, and the accessories that complete my look are the Noise Canceling Headphones. No matter how long the flight is or what happens, these interchangeable pieces of clothing are just what I need."

Here's how to dress comfortably while traveling, along with some tips from stylish frequent travelers.

Pack interchangeable clothing

How To Dress Comfortably And Stylishly When Traveling
One trick you can use is to pick clothes that can be used interchangeably. Wear shirts, shorts, pants and jackets in neutral colors that can be worn with other items of clothing.

Having interchangeable outfits allows you to look your best without having to fill five suitcases with disposable clothing options. Consider your clothing choices, not too casual but not too dressy. The goal is clothing that works for any situation.

“The key to staying stylish while traveling is understanding the core difference between wants and needs,” says Alan Howard, men’s transformation coach and full-time traveler.

"Bring a variety of clothing you'll need to adapt to changing conditions. In two years of traveling with a carry-on, I've realized the key is to have core items. Bring two pairs of jeans and a nice pair that can be worn Jacket. For cold weather and upscale places, two high-quality henley button-down shirts - can be worn casually or dressy, worn with shorts, or to an upscale club. Black jeans are the base and can be worn casually or Can be worn in upscale settings giving you practicality without sacrificing style.”

Package according to the event you will attend

How To Dress Comfortably And Stylishly When Traveling
When traveling, it’s easier to have too much luggage than not enough. The reality is that most of us haven’t thought through what we’re going to be doing and what attire those activities may require.

The key to dressing appropriately when traveling lies in your planning. Check your schedule ahead of time and plan your outfit based on the event. You'll be sure to have the outfit combination you need without over-packing.

“My go-to travel essentials are a dress shirt from or a no-logo T-shirt,” says Marshall Terrin, a well-traveled entrepreneur.

Pack in a way that makes you feel comfortable

How To Dress Comfortably And Stylishly When Traveling
At the end of the day, you have to feel comfortable. You want to look good, but it's also important to feel good. What’s the point of dressing up if you don’t feel good? This discomfort will show up in your energy.

When planning your clothing choices, consider comfort first. You are the one to decide what is best for you. There has to be a balance between not giving in to limiting beliefs and tapping into your strengths as a man.

“I dress extremely comfortably when I travel,” said Aaron Jetsetter Sutherland, an entrepreneur who owns a luxury travel company.

Dress to impress

You can look good and feel good. Some good clothing options that are interchangeable and adjustable to fit a variety of scenarios can go a long way. Dress like a confident man.