How To Look Hot In 10 Easy Steps | Clever Style Hacks

I bet you're asking yourself one of these questions ...... How do I approach her? How can I look sexier than everyone else? If you don't have the confidence, it's hard to get in.

  1. Wear the Right Colors

You may know that certain colors suit you better. Look at your skin tone and hair color - how much contrast is there? Use that as a basis. Why? Doing so will draw more attention to your face and brighten it up. Let's break it down.

If you have dark hair and light skin, then bold colors should be your first choice; navy, maroon and blue-green are good choices. Make sure you have contrast in your layers as well.

Brunette men with dark hair are medium contrast. They should rely on soft colors and layers that are less different from each other. Olive green, navy and dark gray are good complements.

What about blonde gentlemen? Low contrast - stick with pastels and try light blues and pinks.

Blacks are the exception to the rule. They should follow the same guidelines as high-contrast gentlemen - meaning bold, alternating colors, such as purple and turquoise.

  1. The Right Perfume

The right fragrance for men can greatly enhance your sex appeal. The second study, conducted in Nara, Japan, investigated the effects of different scents on men and women. When the ladies smelled scents normally associated with masculinity - wood, musk, etc.

their testosterone levels rose dramatically, increasing the likelihood of sexual assault. Don't underestimate the power of iconic scents.

  1. Wear More Leather

When it comes to looking sexy, you need the most masculine of materials - leather. When we think of the bad boy, we imagine him wearing a well-fitting leather jacket. When we think of the businessman, he always carries a sleek leather bag.

Leather is deeply rooted in our hearts and minds. So one of the easiest ways to look better is to add leather to your closet - whether it's a stylish belt, jacket or handbag.

  1. Public Reading

There's a whole Instagram page dedicated to dudes with books. Yes, it's fascinating.

We also have hard data to draw from. In 2007, eHarmony conducted a survey - men who listed reading as a hobby received 19% more messages than men who didn't.

  1. Wear More Red

It turns out that both men and women like the color red - for different reasons. A 2010 study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology quickly found this out. Women are more attracted to status than we are.

In seven experiments, women found that men who wore red represented higher status and were therefore sexier. Does this mean wearing a red suit? It doesn't. But feel free to experiment with adding red to your closet. Wear a tie or corsage. Use red dress socks. Accessories form a safe testing ground.

  1. Ditch the Sneakers and Wear Formal Boots

We're back with leather. Boots have always conveyed authority. Thanks to modern men's style, you can upgrade any look with them.

76% of women said they wanted to see boots on a first date. That's a pretty impressive number. The best part is the variety. There are sure to be some boots that resonate with you.

You just need to find them.

  1. A Few Days Without Shaving

Numerous studies have been conducted that prove one thing: the easiest way to look hot is to not shave.

Women love groomed facial hair. However, be mindful of the style you adopt. A 2016 study interviewed more than 8,500 women - is that the consensus? Men with stubble are good for one-night stands, while beards are good for long-term relationships. Go with the flow and remember this!

  1. Don't Shave Your Body Hair Either

Want to know how to look hot? You may need to put down the trimmer for a while. A 2016 survey by the Archives of Sexual Behavior looked at women's preferences. It turns out that a moderate amount of body hair is universally loved.

Some chest hair is sexy, but no one likes a man with a puffy head.

One caveat: Men with too much chest hair are considered unattractive. What really attracts ladies is a slight concentration around the pectoral muscles and sternum.

Trim it, but don't shave it off.

  1. Use Rimless Glasses

Many people need to wear glasses to see - and rightfully so. However, you can easily turn it into a stylish accessory.

Simple rimless glasses are the way to go. Not only will they blend seamlessly with most outfits, but they will give you a different look.

  1. The Power of Suspenders

Suspenders adjust your posture by adding some pressure to your back and shoulders. They improve your circulation by eliminating the tightness of the waistband. Suspenders can also add dimension to your overall look - which means you look taller. Unfortunately, height is something that women look for in men.

In Summary - Smart Ways to Look Sexy

Looking good isn't always about genetics, it's about intelligence.

Remember, your style is your weapon and your closet is your arsenal. By adding the right touch in the right places, you can greatly improve your sexiness. Got it? Well, get out there gentleman.