5 Style Mistakes Men Should Never Make (Without Exception)

Fashion has fewer rules than people think.

Most of the time, the "rules" of men's style are just guidelines—down to the individual's interpretation and adjustments when necessary.

However, today we are talking about 5 basic rules.

You can't break them, you shouldn't break them, and if you break them - you'll look like an idiot. Clean and crisp.

It doesn't matter whether you're Dave from The Office or David Beckham; no man is stylish enough to get away with these basic style faux pas.

#1 Wear Suspenders And Belts

5 Style Mistakes Men Should Never Make (Without Exception)
Suspenders hold your pants up. The same goes for belts. So you don't need both.

What's more, you don't want to wear both - not only is this a glaring fashion mistake, but it creates a square with three sides in the middle of your body.

Your overall appearance becomes a rectangle - making your torso appear wider and fatter than it is.

Click here to view the full infographic – A Guide to Men’s Carriers
5 Style Mistakes Men Should Never Make (Without Exception)
Even if this is your goal, it's important to understand that wearing a suspender and a belt at the same time is always a faux pas. People will notice and look down on you for it.

Frankly, it looks a little weird.

#2 Incorrect Socks And Pants Combination

5 Style Mistakes Men Should Never Make (Without Exception)
This is probably the most common mistake made by well-intentioned but ignorant people. The temptation to match socks with shoes is obvious, but it's the wrong idea.

When it comes to socks, there are two ways for men to wear them:
  1. Subtle socks blend with the color of the pants
  2. Bold socks make a statement

Which option you choose depends entirely on your overall style and how the socks are worn. Some people like the understated look of gray/black socks with a suit, while others like to use socks to inject color into an outfit.

My advice? less is more.

To look truly timeless and stylish, I believe men should wear socks that closely match/complement the color of their pants.

When wearing a suit, you want to be noticed for your abilities and professionalism. This is less likely to happen if everyone around you knows you as "the person who wears bright socks."

#3 Pull Up Your Collar

5 Style Mistakes Men Should Never Make (Without Exception)
Two mistakes combined into one here because they are related and both suck. Your shirt collar should never "pop" - the point should be pointed downwards, and the entire collar should be folded evenly.

Wearing two collared shirts, one with an open collar and one without an open collar, is not even worth thinking about. One collared shirt at a time, folded correctly.

The second thing to note if you're wearing a jacket is lapel overlap - the point of the collar should never extend beyond the edge of the jacket's lapel.

If your shirt collar has little spots that extend beyond the edge of your jacket, you'll need a smaller collar or a wider V-shape on the front of your jacket.

#4 Wrong Buttoned Suit

5 Style Mistakes Men Should Never Make (Without Exception)
Buttons are an easy place to go wrong because the rules vary from garment to garment.

Unless it's a double-breasted jacket, the jacket is never fully buttoned. Two-button jackets usually button the top button, and three-button jackets usually button the middle button.

You may occasionally see a flamboyant dresser trying to button up the lowest button and fold the jacket into extra long lapels, and if you do this you'll notice they look weird. Don't do that. Button your jacket where it should be buttoned.

Traditionally, the bottom button of a vest is left undone. The origins of this tradition are a bit silly (King Edward VII of England started opening up for comfort, and nobles obediently followed the new "fad"), but it's been around long enough that not doing so makes you look ignorant.

If you've mastered the basic men's fashion rules and wear a tank top with confidence, you probably know enough to unbutton the bottom button.

The shirt has buttons all over it. This includes the cuffs, collar (if buttoned), and the small buttons on the mid-forearm (called glove buttons or placket buttons). If you roll up your sleeves, unbutton the cuffs and gloves at the same time.

#5 Mismatched Belt And Dress Shoes

5 Style Mistakes Men Should Never Make (Without Exception)
Generally speaking, dress shoes must always match your belt. They don't have to be made of the same leather, but you can't wear brown shoes with a black belt or vice versa!

Obviously, this makes bright or multi-colored belts unsuitable for dressier outfits. In a more casual set, you should still look for items from the same color family or the same general brightness.

The more casual you go, the more versatile it becomes, but mixing black and brown will always be a beginner's mistake.

In my opinion, it's best to match your shoes and belt as much as possible. Sneakers are somewhat of an exception - after all, tracksuits come in so many different colors that you might have a hard time finding them on a belt.

However, when it comes to wearing boots casually, it's always best to match your belt as much as possible. If your boots are brown, wear a brown belt. If your boots are gray, wear a black belt if you can't get a gray belt.