Opt For A Black Tie For A Formal Look…

When most men start preparing for a formal occasion, the dress code seems fairly standard. You choose a black tuxedo. If you're adventurous, maybe you go for navy blue. You steer clear of adventurous retro moves like the white tuxedo Rami Malek wore to the Emmys. Your shoes are black and made of patent leather. Your woven dress shirt is white. Your tie is black. Maybe there's a white pocket square or a pair of modern cufflinks in it. But that's essentially it, right? Wrong.

While a tuxedo is the usual thing, there are plenty of options when it comes to accessorizing. The black tie that formally makes your outfit look "black tie" comes in a variety of fabrics, finishes and styles. If you want to stand out at an event, be sure to think carefully about choosing the right black tie.

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While most people know how to tie a classic tie, the bow tie remains a source of mystery and challenge. Like the classic tie, there are multiple ways to tie a bow tie. When it comes to bow ties for black tie events, they are favored over classic ties. Most of the versions you find in the market are made of velvet, beaded ground cloth, worsted wool or other fine ribbed fabrics. They are also cut into specific shapes.
Opt For A Black Tie For A Formal Look…
The Pointed Bowtie is, as its name suggests, sharp at the end. Straight bow ties are the more minimalist option in this pile, with square edges. The Straight End Bowtie is the most common bow tie you'll see at black tie events. If you've ever looked up how to tie a bow tie videos on YouTube to learn how to tie a bow tie, chances are you're tying this knot. This is the classic double bow tie style. The butterfly is for peacocks. It's like a half-butterfly on steroids. It is tied in the same classic way, but the ends are exaggerated and spread out in an aggressive way.
Opt For A Black Tie For A Formal Look…
It's also important to note that pre-tied bow ties are not as complicated as self-tied bow ties. It's best to get over the frustration of learning to tie your own bow tie. It will stay with you for the rest of your life, and you'll also have a more refined and sophisticated look than clip-on.

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For a true black tie event, you need to avoid the traditional black tie. On a fine tuxedo, this jacket is designed to stand on its own without any help. Your lapels will be shiny. When buttoned, the jacket will close, leaving only the angled view of a formal shirt. If you wear a full tie, you look like you're drowning in a sea of black.
Opt For A Black Tie For A Formal Look…
The only time you need a tie is when you are going to wear a semi-formal tie or black tie optional. On these occasions, you can wear a traditional suit instead of a tuxedo.
Opt For A Black Tie For A Formal Look…
Black tie has rules you have to follow, but just because there is tradition doesn't mean there isn't room to play around. Make sure you feel comfortable and choose a bow tie that best suits your personal taste and style.