5 Dinner Etiquette Rules Every Man Must Know

Eating together is an important bonding ritual and is often a gateway to important connections.

But without good table manners, you could be missing out on the chance to build a relationship with your date, interviewer, client, or fiancée's parents.

You may embarrass yourself at business, social or even family gatherings.

In this article, we'll show you the dining rules you need to know so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about making a fool of yourself.

Etiquette is how you conduct yourself in society.
Etiquette is the rules (part of etiquette) of polite behavior.
Therefore, table manners (obeying the rules) are part of dining etiquette (how you contribute to everyone's enjoyment of the meal). Here are ten of the most important.

#1. Basic table manners

5 Dinner Etiquette Rules Every Man Must Know

Pay attention to your master. If in doubt, imitate them until they start eating.

Do not chew or talk with your mouth open. Take a small bite so you can finish before you speak.

Put your food in your face rather than your face close to your food. This is a plate, not a trough.

"Please" and "thank you" are still the magic words. "I'm sorry" will take you just as far.

The best way to have a good conversation? Really listen to what people have to say. Keep it simple and fun, and avoid emotional topics: Disgust, anger, fear, and sadness have no place at the table. Neither will your negative opinion of the host's lasagna or wine selection.

#2. Dining Etiquette Starts Before You Serve the Table

5 Dinner Etiquette Rules Every Man Must Know

You are invited to a dinner party. excellent! They're fun and often an opportunity to impress one or two influential people: your girlfriend's father, the new board president, etc.

Surely you don’t want to ruin your chances before the host finalizes the menu? Here's how to prevent this from happening.

RSVP within 3 days of receiving invitation.

Dress appropriately and appropriately for the occasion: this shows respect for the host and other guests, and of course, it's always better to dress smartly than too modestly.

The former is also easier to remedy: you can leave your blazer and tie in the cloakroom, but once you arrive and realize you're the only one there without a blazer and tie, you can't drive home.

If you're visiting someone's home, bring a small gift such as chocolates, kitchen utensils, or wine. Be on time, but no more than 5 minutes early: chances are, your hosts are still in the middle of last-minute preparations.

Turn off your phone before walking in. Don't just keep it quiet or keep it out of sight during meals. Not only does this show respect to the host and other guests, it also helps you to be fully present and enjoy your meal.

#3. You still need table manners when there's no table

5 Dinner Etiquette Rules Every Man Must Know

Picnics, buffets, and barbecues may be informal, but even in such casual occasions, there are some dining etiquette rules to keep in mind to ensure everyone has a great time.

After all, caring about the comfort of others in social situations is the mark of a true gentleman, even when the occasion calls for sandals and tiki torches.

Take an average serving size. Don't snatch food. Gluttony is not appealing, especially to the hungry people in line behind you who see you take away the last two cheeseburgers. You can always go back when everyone has finished eating.
Do not double dip. If you want to dip your chips multiple times, put some dipping sauce on the plate to keep others from drooling.
Cut your own meat. If you're good with a meat cleaver, offer to help others nearby. But don't cut off the entire roast. Leaving cut meat around will dry it out.
Most importantly, clean up after yourself. This is especially important when your hostess is nature.

#4. sit down and leave the table

5 Dinner Etiquette Rules Every Man Must Know

Find your seat by looking for your business card or waiting for a host or waiter to seat you. Don't sit down until the host does.

In social situations, be prepared to help the woman next to you with a chair. Don’t do this in a business setting: The proper way to treat women in business is to treat them like professionals.

If you need to leave the table during a meal, say "Please wait a moment. I'll be right back." No further explanation is required.

After finishing the meal, wait until the host gets up before leaving the table.

#5. Napkin Etiquette Rules

5 Dinner Etiquette Rules Every Man Must Know

Place the napkin in your lap within a minute of sitting down. Don't tuck it into your pants or shirt: it's not a bib. Spread it out enough to cover your knees.

The main purpose of napkins is not to catch dropped food, but to keep your mouth clean. Dab, don't wipe: Using a napkin as a washcloth is poor dining etiquette.

Whenever you stand, fold your napkin loosely and place it to the left of your plate.

As long as you have a family. Even if you live alone, practice table manners until they become second nature. That way, they're always there when you need them.

Good table manners are not a means to impress. They are an important part of a gentleman's main job, which is to make the world a more pleasant and comfortable place for those around him.