How to Clean and Care for Suspenders
How to Care for Your Suspenders

You like suspenders. But how do you clean them? Machine wash? Hand wash? Can suspenders be put in the dryer? What material should be dry cleaned?

Hisdern offers all the solutions for suspender care and cleaning. After all, you brought a great pair of suspenders or two, and you want them to look great when you wear them.

Cleaning the suspenders

The question we often get is: "Can I wash my suspenders?"

The answer is yes, but the type of wash and care will vary depending on the type of suspenders you own. The key word for caring for all suspenders is "gentle". Basically, you want to wash as little as possible.

Let's start with the most common type of sling, the elastic sling. Most suspenders are elastic. You can wash them, but you need to be as gentle as possible. What you want to do is.


How to Care for Your Suspenders
  • Put them in a mesh bag.
  • Wash them on a gentle cycle. Hand will be better.
  • Use cold water, not hot water.
  • Mild detergent, no bleach.
  • Air dry, no dryer
  • We have found that the Tide pen (or similar product) works for small spots.

You can take silk and cloth slings to a professional dry cleaner. For leather slings, there are leather care products on the market.