6 Step to Start Your Own Cigar Club

Cigar Club

Whether you are a long time cigar smoker or just starting to smoke cigars and want to get to know them better. Often cigar lovers build relationships easily and become best friends on many occasions, thanks to cigars. And building a cigar club will not only provide your friends with weekly work and family days, it will also give you the opportunity to try new cigars that you might not otherwise find. The details of setting up a fun and successful club can be tricky, but what's not to love about getting together with friends and listening to each other?

Here’s a few strategies to get your buddies inspired to smoke with you.

#1 Location  is important

Just like a real estate store, opening a cigar club depends on the location. You need to choose a location that is central to all your members, your guests, and of course yourself. Finding a place to smoke is as easy as getting everyone to come to your house, or if you want to get bigger, you can rent a local tavern. With modern smoking regulations in commercial buildings, many people may be more likely to use their residence as their hangout.

In addition to choosing a place where you can smoke, you will need to consider other indoor amenities such as comfortable seating, tables, TVs or game consoles. A golf course or other outdoor activity is also a good place for a cigar club gathering, since you are already providing an activity. Or meet and discuss through the members of the clubhouse and then divide hosting responsibilities among the members.

#2 Cigar Selection
Cigar Club

After you have determined the location of your clubhouse, now you just need to pick out some cigars. Cigar selection is very subjective to the smoker and many will have different tastes, whether it is a strong Robusto, a popular Churchill or a lighter one. A huge advantage of the club is that you can try them all and change them at each session.

You can decide with your friends if you want everyone to bring their own cigar and share, or just get people involved and then someone can stock up for the group. Buying in bulk will save you all that money and if you find that the group starts to choose a few select cigars, you will be able to buy more as a group.

#3 Drinks
Cigar Club

Drinks, snacks and alcohol are all good additions to a cigar club, but you should decide ahead of time which ones you will serve or allow. Some clubs may want to keep it simple and stick with cigars. Others may want to bring food and beverages to every meeting. Talk to your friends and members to decide what everyone wants to do and who will take on which responsibilities.

#4 Games and Activities
Cigar Club

Recreational items. The easiest thing to do is to turn on the TV to get some background noise. Since you are meeting with friends, you can learn about the other interests of the group members and even plan games or other things you can do while enjoying a cigar. Card and table games are always popular, but billiards and darts are also great additions.

#5 Get your best friend to try cigars

If you are looking for cigar lovers within a 50 mile radius to start your cigar club, recruit new talent. Introduce cigars to your immediate friends and family. Many people hate cigars - until they try them.

#6 Trade Cigars
Cigar Club

Swap cigars when your friends come over. If everyone brings an extra cigar or two, swap your favorites. Swapping cigars is a great way to keep developing your palate. You can tip each other when a new cigar comes out or an old one smokes well - an indication that you deserve a box.

Cigar clubs can be set up by everyone, whether you have been smoking cigars for years or have never smoked a cigar in your life. Cigar clubs provide you and your friends with a comfortable location, the opportunity to try new cigars, buy cheap cigars and talk about cigars with like-minded people. When you open a cigar club, you will find that starting one is the most fun thing you have ever done.