10 Halloween Outfits You’ll See This Year

Halloween is almost here, which means one of two things: You're already trying to pick out (or design) the best costume possible, or you won't be worrying about it until October 30th.

Either way, no matter what outfit you choose, it says a lot about your personality. Always cutting corners and investing the minimum amount of money? Are you the typical class clown or an overachiever? Whatever it is, your outfit will reflect that. Be careful what you wear during this spooky holiday – you’ll give others a glimpse into your soul.

Below, you'll find some examples of costumes you're sure to wear to any Halloween party you attend this year, and how they define them.

10 Halloween Outfits You’ll See This Year
  1. People who don’t know it’s a masquerade party

You showed up on Halloween, completely naked, wearing jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt. While everyone else looks scary, your costume is "someone apologizing for forgetting it's Halloween." You're cute, sure, but you're still silly.

  1. Deliberately not wearing costumes and aggressively telling people around them that they don’t like dressing up

Okay, we get it. You don't like Halloween, that's fine, but you don't need to try to ruin other people's Halloween. You are the same type of person and need to let everyone know that you are also a vegetarian atheist. You think you're pretty funny, but let other people decide.

  1. Someone dressed like a police officer (or similar costume)

You put in minimal effort, but at least it makes a difference. You're stoic, but you're still a people-pleaser. You don't compromise who you are and go crazy for Halloween, but you also know you need to wear something, even if that's a black suit and sunglasses (both of which you already own). You tell everyone you're "that guy from Men in Black," but we all know the truth. What matters is the idea.

  1. The man wearing the “Ukrainian whistleblower costume” that no one understands

Yes, you went to Staples and posted a blurry photo of Ukraine wearing it around your neck. You even have a passion for whistling, but everyone thinks you're just a weird fitness instructor. It's a valiant effort, but in real life you might be inclined to try too hard. And, by the time Halloween rolls around, everyone will have forgotten about this whole topic. More relevant at this point is Trump's latest early morning tweet about how he wants to nuke the sun or something.

  1. Someone who wears next to nothing and demands to be called a lifeguard

Your entire outfit is built around not wearing a shirt. Since you go to the gym, people know this as a matter of course. It's good to be physically active, but you're more than just your pecs - let people see your heart. This also applies to wrestler costumes, boxer costumes, and shirtless doctor costumes.

  1. People who think dressing like a penis is an original idea

Do you think this is really funny? Congratulations... indeed. You still think you're the one who thought of this in the first place and you're the funniest person everyone knows. You also still reference movies like Borat and Anchorman every chance you get without acknowledging that these movies, while classic, will always be relevant.

  1. People who think dressing up as Hitler is a good idea

Everyone glared, and rightfully so. You're trying to downplay a terrible situation, but it's simply not worth the effort. This goes for any "hilariously offensive" outfit that you think you can wear because you're special in some way. See also: blackface, transphobic costumes, and more. That's not humorous and you're just an asshole. It's the equivalent of an "I think I'm an attack helicopter" costume. Nice try, but you should probably go for it.

  1. A group planning to become a humble football player

You decide to make a group costume with a few friends because you're too lazy to come up with original ideas. You and your said friends will spend the entire party hanging out with each other in just one corner of the party. If you don't, people who find you waiting in line to use the toilet won't have any idea who you really are. In real life, you're not someone who likes to stand out and blend in with everyone else (like your outfit).

  1. This couple thought it would be cute to dress up as salt and pepper shakers

You do everything else with your significant other, so naturally, a Halloween costume is inevitable. You tell your friends you're being forced into it, but everyone knows you're interested. It's also a way to let everyone know you're attracted without having to say anything.

  1. A man obsessed with Halloween spent the past 11 months creating an elaborate Iron Man costume out of moving parts

Superheroes are your life. You spend a ridiculous amount of money on Comic-Con tickets. It's easy to put something like this together when you dress up for these events on a regular basis. Even if people judge you for wearing something like this, you don't care what they think, even though the outfit looks amazing, once the night is over, it's going to sit in a box in your garage for the next few years. You have no regrets.