Giving Ties As Valentine's Day Gifts

Are ties a good gift?

Giving Ties As Valentine's Day Gifts

A tie is one of the best formal fashion accessories for men. A tie is commonly used with formal wear, whether it is with a suit or a formal shirt, at work, at formal gatherings, or even for formal occasions such as weddings and conferences. A tie may be small, but just one tie can be a very welcome and complete gift. Another benefit of ties is that they are affordable, and Hisdern is committed to providing a high-quality tie service at an affordable price.

With just a little time, you can pick out the perfect tie for your man.

Style and size

Don't assume that a standard size tie is right for the person you're giving it to. Start with the style.  Ties and bow ties come in pre-tied styles. While most men who wear ties wear ties that are already tied, bow ties are not as straightforward. Some men only wear self-tie bow ties, while others prefer pre-tied bow ties. Before you start shopping, it's important to know what style of tie your gift recipient is wearing.

Tie sizes, bow ties are usually one size fits all. It's very simple. However, ties come in different lengths and widths. Starting with the length, most men wear a regular width tie, which is about 57 to 58 inches long. However, taller men need longer ties. Consider wearing extra-long ties for men over 6 feet tall or for more full-figured men. Extra-long ties are most commonly 63 inches long, but longer ties can be found, such as 67 inches.

Giving Ties As Valentine's Day Gifts

Now here's the important part: the width of the tie. A regular width tie is about 3.25 to 3.5 inches wide. This is what most men wear, especially the older generation. However, 3-inch and thinner ties are popular among younger men. Having a narrow tie, 2 inches wide, is usually a more casual style. The slim 2.5-inch tie is usually the thinnest tie worn in the office, but many young professionals do often wear this width. If you're buying a tie for someone under 35, a narrow 3-inch tie is a modern width and a safe choice. It is not too wide and not too short.

Giving Ties As Valentine's Day Gifts

Ties come in every color you can imagine, so if he wears ties often, think about what color you see him wearing and buy a tie in a similar color. If you're not sure which color tie he likes, get dark colors like navy blue, burgundy and dark gray; dark green is usually a safe choice. Avoid pinks and purples, as well as bold shades and pastel tones. Please avoid giving away black ties, even if they are patterned. Many men only wear black ties for formal occasions and funerals.


Paisley. Tartan. Floral. Striped. Solid. There are many different styles of ties, so how should I pick a good one? Don't worry, we're here to help you!

First, pay attention to the clothes they're wearing. If you see that he usually wears paisley-like clothes, you can give him another paisley tie. If he's already wearing that pattern, then it's safe to assume he likes it. If you have no idea what kind of tie pattern he might like, then choose one that is subtle. This could be a same-tone pattern, a textured tie, a small stripe, a fine check or an understated plaid design. The less bold and the less color, the better.

Giving Ties As Valentine's Day Gifts

You can play sports, dice and animal guessing games, etc. Picking a tie this way is an easy way to fine-tune your choice based on the gift recipient and shows that you did put some thought into the tie you picked. However, there are restrictions on when and where you can wear a novelty tie, so while novelty ties can make great gifts, be mindful of the scenario in which they are worn.

Solid color ties: A solid tie is a great gift for someone who is just starting to wear ties regularly. Every man should have a variety of dark solid colors in his collection. (These are navy, burgundy, dark green, dark gray, etc.) Consider giving the tie novice some solid color ties that he will be able to mix and match with his closet.


Ties come in several different materials. But seriously, they may not know which is which. Today, polyester ties are very similar to silk and they are also more durable. If you're buying a tie for an acquaintance or someone who doesn't wear ties often, polyester ties are a great option that is more affordable than silk. If you're buying a tie for a tie lover or someone who wants to really impress, consider a silk or silk blend tie.

Buying a tie for your boyfriend

If your boyfriend wears ties regularly, then it's a safe bet that a new tie would make a great gift. Even if you never see your man wearing a tie, a necktie or bow tie is still the right gift. Because when you start a serious relationship, the style may change and you will start celebrating special occasions together. If you know that your boyfriend is not that fussy about dress code, then a tie is a very smart gift that will always come in handy.

Giving Ties As Valentine's Day Gifts

Tip: When picking out a tie for him, consider your usual style (to a certain extent). If you wear green a lot, try not to buy a red tie or you both might look like you're wearing Christmas clothes for Valentine's Day dinner.

How to wrap a tie
Giving Ties As Valentine's Day Gifts

Now that you've mastered the skill of picking out the perfect tie for him, don't forget to wrap it up in a nice gift box. A gift box is an easy solution and most importantly keeps the tie relatively flat so that it doesn't wrinkle.


In conclusion, if you want to give a tie as a gift, then go for it. Ties are classic and always make a great gift. Give a little thought to the style and pattern of the tie and your boyfriend/husband will love it.