How To Dress For A Job Interview–7 Men’s Style Essentials

How To Dress For A Job Interview–7 Men’s Style Essentials
Do you know what to wear to an interview? You only get one chance to make a great impression. Get it wrong and you'll look unprofessional or completely ignorant - which could end up costing you thousands of dollars in lost income.
Is appearance important for job interviews?
The first few seconds of the first meeting form the most important part of the overall impression, whether you're meeting with an interviewer or a fellow passerby on the street.
8 things men must know about the dress code for job interviews. That's the purpose of this article, to help you get through the interview and land your ideal job.
#1 Prepare
Know the work environment
How To Dress For A Job Interview–7 Men’s Style Essentials
Learn about the work atmosphere, location and office style used by your potential company. An open office means that the company fosters a less formal way of working, thus reducing the interviewer's strict attention to your dress code. You can be slightly more relaxed in your appearance, and in the latter case, it is best to look classic and unpretentious.
Make sure you have the right dress code beforehand
It usually takes a while to find a suit that matches one's body type perfectly. You can try on a dozen suits before you find the right one. Therefore, it's best to start preparing in advance - at least a few weeks if you plan to buy a suit, or even a month or two if you decide to have one tailored for you.
Should you get your hair cut for a job interview?
A few days before your scheduled interview date, cut your hair, or at least trim it around your neck and ears.
How should your nails be organized?
Make sure your nails are neatly trimmed and brushed so they don't look like you've been plumbing or fixing the truck before you walk in the door. Poor nail care can draw the wrong kind of attention and speak loudly about a person's overall untidiness.
When you interview for a job, what do you smell like?
When interviewing for a big job, the best choice is a solid scent that is different from high school cheap gas station perfume.
#2 Suit
Dark Suit and Tie
How To Dress For A Job Interview–7 Men’s Style Essentials
When deciding how to dress for an interview, the suit is the first thing the interviewer will notice when you walk in the door. Therefore, you want to make sure that it sends the right message without being too flashy and distracting you. When choosing a suit, remember to always follow the style pyramid; fit, fabric and function.
The best colors for job interviews and any other highly formal occasions are navy and charcoal. Black is usually too formal for job interviews.
In terms of fabric patterns, the best approach is to wear a solid color or narrow stripe suit, which will look quite subtle and not too distracting.
#3 Dress Shirt
Men's button-down shirts
How To Dress For A Job Interview–7 Men’s Style Essentials
Fabrics, Colors and Patterns
While the classic white broadcloth shirt can be worn with almost any suit and tie combination, it also works well with bright colored (striped) suits.
Once again, focus on your face, not your shirt.
What dress shirt collar is best?
You should choose a shirt with a collar that outlines your face according to its shape. If you have a thin and long face, choose a wide collar. For those with round faces or wide body types, the best choice is the classic pointed collar.
Which color tie is best for the interview?
If you consider yourself experienced in tie selection and have good taste in tie colors, you can try different colors or ties with patterns. However, it is important to remember that the tie must complement the entire outfit and that style and quality are important.
What tie knot is best for a job interview?
The tie knot you choose depends on your face shape, collar shape and how you tie it.
#4 Shoes
Polished Formal Shoes
However, a pair of black round toe shoes known as oxfords, a classic piece of a man's closet, is still a great choice for job interviews. Shoes should be neat and polished - make it look like you're ready for it!
#5 Socks
How To Dress For A Job Interview–7 Men’s Style Essentials
Your socks should match your pants and shoes, and the color can be solid and dark. The rule of thumb here is that socks should not draw attention to themselves.
#6 Jewelry
Rings and Wathes
When it comes to jewelry, the main thing to remember is that less is more. Of course.
It's best to wear as little jewelry as possible, especially if you don't understand the interviewer's particular tastes and stance on the subject.
Strap material
Avoid digital sports watches and watches that are overwhelmed by various dials, huge tachymeters, world time zone nameplates, etc. Better to use watches with leather straps and simple dials proportional to your wrist.
#7 Accessories
How To Dress For A Job Interview–7 Men’s Style Essentials
Belts should be leather, in a color and quality that may match the leather on the shoes.
Should I bring a briefcase to the interview?
How To Dress For A Job Interview–7 Men’s Style Essentials
If you need to bring a laptop or documents (resume, references, etc.) to an interview, a black quality briefcase or portfolio will be their mode of transportation.
Finally, your goal is to convince them that you are the right person for the job. You are selling yourself, your skills are the product, and they are the buyers. You are showing that you are a worthy investment. Follow these tips on how to dress for an interview and you'll land your dream job every time.