Common Mistakes With Electric Shavers

Not seeing the facial hair results you want? Here are 12 shaving mistakes you need to fix

The average person buys an electric shaver thinking it will simplify their shaving routine, and while we wouldn't say they aren't incredibly convenient and great for quick touch-ups, they are far from a beauty panacea. If used incorrectly, electric razors can cause skin irritation just like regular razors.

Don’t get us wrong: the right electric shaver is a tool, a long-term investment that can save you money and time in the long run, while also being a valuable travel companion for your facial grooming sessions, which means It's important to know how to use and maintain them correctly. Still, there's a group of amateurs who fall victim to the same habitual grooming mistakes they made when they were teenagers pulling their dad's fixed blade blades out of the medicine cabinet.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Judging by your swollen, scarred face, you still have a lot of problems to deal with. So for those of you new to the razor game or just struggling to learn how to use an electric shaver, learn from these common shaving mistakes to get the most out of your facial buzzer.

12 Common Mistakes Men Make When Using Electric Shavers

Bought a razor that doesn’t suit your face shape

The market is saturated with electric shaving options. But despite the marketing claims on the box, not all models are suitable for coarse hair or sensitive skin. This is where research comes into play. Start by checking out our list of the best electric shavers to narrow down your choices. Choose what you find most engaging, then head to Amazon to read consumer reviews, which often provide the most effective feedback. Either that or believe the technical jargon advertised on the manufacturer's website.

Neglecting Pre- And Post-Shave Care

Common Mistakes With Electric Shavers

This is a common shaving mistake that most men make. Whether you use an electric razor or a standard razor, everyone must strictly follow a pre- and post-shave routine because conditioning your face with the necessary skin care products is the key to staying elegant and earning money. To prevent chafing, apply shaving gel to soften the skin and let sit for one minute. When you're done shaving, use a moisturizing aftershave balm. Baxter, California offers one of the best options. Not only does this protect your skin from razor burn, but it also helps maintain the stability of the blade.

Using The Wrong Shaving Motion

Common Mistakes With Electric Shavers

See how shaving with an electric razor is like having orgasmic sex: it's all in the action. The most avid groomers can still exhibit virginal shaving tendencies. The correct shaving position depends on the type of shaver you own. Since rotary shavers are designed to follow the contours of your face, it is recommended to move the shaver in a circular motion to get around difficult areas, while foil shavers should be used against the grain, for a more precise shave.

Lubricate Blades Infrequently

Not lubricating your razor can result in a painful shave. The blades can become clogged with debris, hair, and other environmental impurities, causing them to deteriorate in the process. Most electric models come with lubricant to clean the shaving heads and keep the quality of the blades in top condition. If you don't get any rewards, don't hesitate to hop on Amazon and buy an oil or spray lube.

Shaving When The Battery Is Low

It’s easy to get hooked on the ultra-fast execution of an electric shaver. We often get lazy and forget to charge our devices and just use the remaining juice to shave. It's like driving with an almost empty gas tank: don't expect great performance. A drained battery affects the power of the motor, causing hair loss and forcing the user to shave the same area multiple times. Gentlemen, please use the charging system. It's bundled for a reason.

Putting Too Much Pressure On Your Face

Common Mistakes With Electric Shavers

It can be frustrating to see that an electric razor doesn't cut as close as a blade does when you're trying to trim those same stubborn hairs under your chin. The natural reaction is to press the razor closer to the face. You do not dare! It simply causes skin irritation and, in some cases, lacerations. knew? OK

Not Shaving For A Long Time

Common Mistakes With Electric Shavers

Stylish beards and thick stubble are very popular right now. We get it. Unfortunately, electric shavers are designed to tackle shorter hair. Shaving with long facial hair will only cause you pain. Unless you're a fan of red skin and slicing grills, get tired. Use a beard trimmer or any attachment that comes with your razor to shorten the length of your hair. Then go ahead and fire up your electric shaver for a painless shave.

Never Replace Blades

What we’re talking about here is electric shaver maintenance 101. Common sense tells you to replace your razor blades for a smoother shave, right? The same theory applies to your Braun machine. The blades on an electric shaver easily wear out and collect all the dirt after multiple shaves. The manufacturer recommends replacing it at least once a year to avoid razor burn.

Ignore Sensitive Points

Common Mistakes With Electric Shavers

Pain makes you go in the opposite direction. Anyone with sensitive spots on their face can attest to this. However, experts say you should shave the most sensitive areas of your face first. The reason is that most electric shavers get hot when used for extended periods. The heat generated by the blade can inflame the skin. If some areas seem too delicate to touch, use a cooling shaving cream or gel like aloe vera and jojoba oil to calm it down.

Keep Your Shaver Dry When Finished

Just because a shaver is waterproof doesn't necessarily mean it won't be damaged by water. In addition to shorting out the inside, water can corrode the blades and handles of your shaving equipment. It is recommended that you dry your shaver upright. You can also choose to wipe the device with a clean towel.

Repeated Strokes

Several factors can influence a man to keep shaving in the same spot multiple times. If the blade is dull, it may scrape 60% of the dirt off your face. Dry skin is another condition to consider when dealing with residual hair, as a dehydrated facial surface doesn't allow the razor to work its cutting magic. This in turn leads to repeated strokes. It doesn't take a beauty genius to know that these behaviors can lead to the same consequences as putting too much pressure on the kisser.

Shaving Without Showering First

Common Mistakes With Electric Shavers

At this point, it's practically a beauty commandment to shower before cutting your face with a razor blade. Steam relaxes the skin and lifts the beard, helping you shave with ease. Some people like to do facial cleansing while lathering up in the tub, which is cool. Just make sure the electric shaver is suitable for wet shaving. In any other situation, you can get the same result when you jump out of the shower.