Fall Fashion Trends for Men

Your Guide On What to Expect This Season

While menswear evolves much slower trend wise than womenswear, fashion designer and author Joseph Abboud says now is an exciting time for guys to build and transform their wardrobes. As he puts it, more men are becoming more daring and experimental on how they choose to dress themselves thanks to a plethora of options recommended by their friends, social media, and, well, the internet. This creates a variety of large and small changes every season.

For those who pay attention to what’s in style and what they can adapt to their own ethos, Abboud recommends looking at what’s happening in the larger picture and figuring out how to pair it into your everyday life. Unlike with some female clothing, most of the time, everything you have is appropriate-ish — perhaps with a few subtle improvements.

“There are micro trends that appeal to the very fashion forward, but also macro trends that take longer to evolve and engrain themselves into the psyche of most men,” he explains. “So while menswear will change from season to season on the runways, the silver lining is that any classic item a man invests in — whether a navy suit, white cotton oxford shirt, cashmere sweater — will always remain timeless.”

This fall, you’ll be seeing more and more of these trends, as predicted by experts who know best:

The Return of the Suit

Boss, Ami, Joseph Abboud

Truth be told, Abboud is quick to say the suit has never died — nor will it ever. But this season, you will be seeing an evolution of the suit, and perhaps not in the way you expect. While in recent years, much of men’s fashion has been over-the-top casual, now the pendulum will slowly swing back to a more tailored approach.

“Out with the classic Gordon Gecko Wall Street suit, in with suits of voluminous and flowing silhouettes, suits with turtlenecks-crew necks-t-shirts, double breasted iterations, pleats, suits of varying shades beyond navy and gray,” Abboud explains. Generally speaking, he feels as if the suit will now be a topic of discussion, meant to draw eyes and start a conversation, rather than be something that’s comfortable and easy. This gives men the opportunity to experiment with a classic two or three-piece in a non-traditional or conforming manner. His best advice? Have fun — and dare to out-dress your colleague.

Moving Away from Snug to Loose

Junya Watanabe, Salvatore Ferragamo, Marni

Over the better part of the past few years, some men's fashion has become more comfortable. This is due to increased awareness of the male image, with more men taking more care of their health than in previous decades. While this has resulted in some clothing choices following suit, custom clothing designer, sewing expert, lecturer and blogger Peter Lappin says trends will be looser this fall. how come? With the exception of custom-made suits, most people shop online, and buying a larger one is less risky than a smaller one. "When you're shopping unseen, it's safer and more comfortable to go with a looser silhouette," he explains.

Warm and Funky Colors

  1. Tautz, Bally, Dries Van Noten
  2. Tautz, Bally, Dries Van Noten

Every season has its own color palette, and this fall is no exception. Personal stylist Rene Barnes predicts that all menswear will come in a few shades, including burnt amber, maroon, indigo and hunter green. "You may see pants, sweatshirts, and jackets in these colors. The best part is, they can be easily paired with each other for a sophisticated, classic look," she shares. Does this mean you have to stay within this range? Absolutely not—but some pops of color perfect for fall will add dimension and professionalism to your wardrobe.

Layering Is In — With a Twist

John Elliott, Loewe, Joseph Abboud

Depending on where in the world you call home, layering may be one of your automatic habits. After all, you need to stay warm on your way to and from the office, so why not wear a few extra layers? Abboud said the strategy will remain popular this year, but it will have some changes and will need to be watched carefully. Maybe, it’s the taste for risk!

"Mixing different textiles, textures and patterns is an art form. While many men prefer to play it safe in neutrals, classic wools and cottons, many others are branching out into other areas," he predicts. What does it mean? He suggests imagining an outfit like this: a wide-striped corduroy blazer paired with a tweed gun-check vest, a cashmere sweater underneath, and jeans. "Of course, you may not succeed on your first try, but in the end, fate favors the brave," he added.

Bold Pattern Mixing on Everything

Neil Barrett, Sacai, Burberry

Lappin said some men now have a separate "safe" wardrobe that includes solid T-shirts, indigo jeans, khakis and sweatshirts. However, not only is this becoming outdated, but many men are, for lack of a better word, boring!

Bold patterns are entering the standard rotation, and Lapin says you can expect animal prints, tropical weaves, loud plaids, oversized logos and more. As he said, these were once anti-fashion, and this mentality is where all trends begin. “Mix and match and throw the rules out the window,” he continues. "Once you get into the crazy pattern combinations, you realize that everything matches, and what could be more practical than that?"

Outerwear Will Have More Volume

Salvatore Ferragamo, Joseph Abboud, Louis Vuitton

Today, most of the world's leaders remember the 1980s or - believe it or not - were born in this legendary decade. Like it or not, style from this period in history is starting to teeter towards modernity...but don't get out your parachutes just yet, MC Hammer pants. Instead, take a look at the back of your closet where you store your winter gear. This year, Abboud says, you'll see coats that are larger, more fluid, and — ahem — swaggering. They will also feature more robust textures and patterns that were first introduced in the 1940s and reinvented in the 1980s. Now, it’s time for a new generation to transform again.

Dad Sneaker Backlash

Landlord, Officine Générale, A-Cold-Wall

You know those pillow-soled sneakers that feel like you're walking on a mattress with a box spring? Chances are you have a few hanging around in your closet right now. Here's the thing: Lappin says this trend will never last, and probably shouldn't, because they just don't fit your feet in the first place. Now that the minimalist shoe trend is on the rise—think Xero, Vivobarefoot, and Lems—this season is a great time to invest.

"Unlike super-cushioned dad shoes, minimalist shoes actually strengthen the muscles in your feet by allowing your feet to get some feedback from whatever surface you're walking on," he continues. "You can adjust your gait organically and walk more efficiently with less impact on your joints." He also says don't be surprised if you see more and more men choosing to walk barefoot. (Hopefully they wash their feet before bed, though.)

Pleated Trousers

  1. Tautz, Maison Kitsuné, Officine Générale

When you think of pleated pants, what career comes to mind? If you're like most people, you probably think of your grandfather, your sales assistant, or the smart guy from high school. What’s interesting – and maybe surprising! ——This type of men’s pants has been popular in the industry for some time. Now? Abboud said it is slowly becoming a staple at many design firms. So if you've always wanted to give it a try, consider this fall as the ideal time to give it a try. “They’re flattering, look great tucked into a shirt or T-shirt, and remind us of a bygone era of American menswear without being too nostalgic,” he explains.

Hats and More Hats

Ermenegildo Zegna, Yohji Yamamoto, Marni

Lappin said hats never completely disappeared, but more formal headwear like fedoras or felt hats were replaced by baseball caps and knit hats. While the latter two styles are easy to style, Lapin emphasizes that they can go everywhere and make you look like you're still wearing your high school clothes.

Instead, more men are investing in quality head accessories that suit their specific style and fashion approach. "Visit a great hat shop like J.J.'s Hat Center in New York and it's like being transported to another world where elegance and classic style still have meaning. A good felt hat can be an investment," he explains . But is it worth it? Go try it out – and then you tell us.