How to Be Attractive?

15 Rules to Increase Attraction 

How to be attractive

It's not an easy question, but we do know that it takes more than good looks and a thick wallet to get people to come near you. When it comes to attractiveness, there are things you can do to spice things up, even if your genes and bank balance let you down.

Admit when you're wrong
How to be attractive

The ability to admit when you screw up is by far your fastest pass to attractiveness. Why? Because many of you refuse to do so. We spend our lives desperately trying to look worldly, smart and in control. It's not weakness to admit you're wrong or that you don't know something; it's brave. Showing that you are also willing to learn and that you desire more.

Change your hair

Now this is really easy. Get yourself to a decent barbershop or salon and build a relationship with a great hairdresser. Speaking from personal experience, if you are not after gold in appearance, a good haircut can save you. Try popular styles if you must, but know when to let go. Also: acknowledge your dandruff or other scalp issues and try to fix them - they won't go away on their own. If you feel great, you'll feel attractive.

Good shoes are clichés, yes, but some clichés are true
How to be attractive

Women always say, "The first thing I look at when I check out a man is his shoes," and I can't call that crap - ladies, it's definitely the butt and the face - but I do believe A good pair of shoes can really help. You don't have to spend a lot of money on them, they just need to be clean, fit well, and wear well.

Smells great
How to be attractive

People are fascinated by the scent emitted by the opposite sex. Not only that, but I love hearing people tell me how good I smell. It's a huge buzz. Invest in at least two fragrances for yourself. Ask the salesperson and ask for advice on what different perfumes to use for different scenarios. In my opinion, you really can't go wrong with Chanel or Tom Ford, so if you're stuck, go with one of them.

Tell someone how attractive or interesting they are

A very quick way to get someone to notice your attractiveness is to highlight it on other people, you know? When you point out the good in someone else, you are encouraging people to see you in a different way. I'm not even just talking about romance. This method applies to all walks of life. Tell that person at work that he's doing a great job (if it's true) and he'll start to look at you favorably, and the key here is that will tell others. You can't lose.

Don't brag about money
How to be attractive

Men who harp on about their possessions, how much money they make, or how much they have in the bank may well be matinee idols on the surface, but ugly to the bone. In fact, it gives the impression of great insecurity rather than attractiveness. There may be women who see you as an item and want to fix you and make you smile again, or other women who would be more than happy to help you spend millions - but they choose you for the wrong reasons.

Be open

People aren’t attracted to people who are closed off and inaccessible. Be open to authentic relationships and watch the connections unfold.  We are all part of human race. When you allow others to connect with you, you instantly become more appealing. Be real, open and willing, and watch your authentic relationships manifest themselves.

Don't replace personality with a gym membership
How to be attractive

A lot of men go to the gym as a way to boost their confidence, and that's fine, but remember that there's no point in having a strong body to have fun if you're spending too much time at the gym doing something practical and you decide that's all you need. Your beautiful body is just window dressing - it's OK for people to look at, but if you want people to buy what you're selling, you need models to back it up.

Don’t complain
How to be attractive

If you’re like the majority of people, a great deal of your thoughts and conversations involve complaining. Complaining is like a rocking chair. At first it feels comfortable and you feel like you’re accomplishing something, but you don’t end up getting anywhere. Do everything in your power not to complain.

Humility is great, but false humility is disgusting

This is a great route to take because no one likes to brag, but excessive self-depreciation is also a huge no-no. Someone who is confident in their accomplishments, but admits they may still have a ways to go, is super attractive. Celebrate how great you are, but make sure it's not a one-person party.

It's the smallest thing

A tasteful watch. A pocket square. Make tea for someone. Be nice to your mom. Talking to your child. Stopping to pet a dog. Let someone watch what they want to watch on TV, even if you hate it. Say you're sorry, even if it's not your fault.

We can always be more attractive versions of ourselves. We can stay healthy. We can work on being warmer, more reliable, more conscientious. We can give people time to get to know us so that we can grow on them while showing how much we like them - even though it may make us feel easily rejected.