How To Look Younger As You Age

There are many things you can do to look younger. But you need to be careful - there's a big difference between looking younger and trying to look younger. Get it wrong and you could look like you're having a mid-life crisis - and no one wants to be that guy.

Ladies like men who dress and act appropriately for their age - not men who try to keep up with the latest teenage trends.

  1. Have a purpose in life
How To Look Younger As You Age

Nothing makes a man look older than a bad attitude about his age.

You may have seen these men wandering around with a negative attitude; they feel like everything is conspiring against them and that their life is over. They're 42 years old, and they think their best years are behind them.

Guys, that's a bunch of crap. If you want to know how to look younger - don't act like you're in the grave! We will live longer than any generation before us. If you're 40 and take care of yourself, you probably have 40 good years ahead of you. Think about it - you're only halfway there!

If you haven't already done so, I want you to make a plan for the rest of your life. Stay optimistic, break through barriers, and plan for a bright future in the years ahead. There is no better way to demonstrate your optimistic outlook for the years ahead than to showcase your youthful energy. You may not achieve everything you set out to do - but it's better to overestimate and not achieve everything than to underestimate and do nothing.

  1. Take care of your skin

How do you know when someone is in their 50s?

Wrinkles, right? The older we get, the more wrinkled our skin becomes. While you can't stop the process completely, you can slow it down with a well-planned skincare routine. At the very least, make sure you use a moisturizer every day. As you age, your skin begins to dry out and become more prone to wrinkles. A quick way to learn how to look younger is to research your skin type and start using a moisturizer. If you can find a product that contains retinol or vitamin A, all the better.

Important tip: Use SPF moisturizers whenever possible! Sun damage is the number one factor in men getting older! UV rays can damage skin cells and dry out the skin - SPF moisturizer can help prevent this from happening.

  1. Wear only what you like

At age 40+, you should have enough cash to replenish an outdated closet.

A younger man is a confident man - a man doesn't feel confident in clothes he doesn't like. Every piece in your closet should inspire you to go out in style and look like a million bucks - and only when you reach that level of confidence will you know how to look younger. Whatever your preferred attire is, it should look like a suit of armor when you wear it - even if it's just a walk to the store for milk and eggs.

Disclaimer: Please do not try to dress like a young person. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see older people make when trying to look younger, and it always backfires. Stick to timeless pieces rather than fast fashion and you won't go far wrong.

  1. Take care of your teeth
How To Look Younger As You Age

One of the first things people notice is their teeth. Knowing how to look young is all about maintaining dental hygiene!

Dating? You can bet she'll look at your mouth and teeth to determine if you're hygienic enough for her to want to kiss. If your teeth are bad and your gums are unhealthy - it will show your age and ruin your chances. Your teeth get weaker as you get older, so visit your dentist every six months. Make sure they remove plaque, check your gums and fix any oral problems before they become a real problem.

Some people may choose to whiten their teeth. While this is not a substitute for regular dental treatment, it can help boost your confidence. Please be careful not to go too far! Your teeth shouldn't glow in the dark

  1. Hair coloring
How To Look Younger As You Age

As you get older, your hair starts to turn gray. While many guys like this look, for some men it can make them feel old and unattractive.

Dyeing your hair with hair dye is a great way to look younger.

Try introducing new colors, but don't go crazy. The goal here is to find a color that looks natural and makes you look both attractive and young. On the other hand, bright pink hair can make you look weird. For the most natural look, choose a color that was in your hair before it turned white. Boxed dyes come in a variety of colors and can be purchased at your local store for a few dollars. Be sure to read the instructions carefully!