How to Make a Man Look Hot in 5 Easy Steps

I bet you're asking yourself one of the following questions...

How do I approach her?

How can I look sexier than everyone else?

If you don't have confidence, it's going to be a tough situation.

But this is not a one-and-done thing. You can learn, you can develop, you can transform.

In this article, I’ll teach you how to harness the power of style to look sexy.

1. Wear the right color clothes

You may know that certain colors suit you better.

I bet you'll have to play a guessing game to find it, though. There is a way to do this. Look at your skin tone and hair color – how much contrast there is? Build on this.

Why? Doing this will draw more attention to your face and brighten it. Let's break it down.
How to Make a Man Look Hot in 5 Easy Steps
If you have dark hair and light skin, then bold colors should be your first choice; navy, maroon, and teal are good choices. Make sure your layer has contrast as well.

Dark-haired tan male with medium contrast. They should rely on pastel colors and layers with less variation between them. Olive green, navy blue and dark gray are great additions.

What about the blond gentleman? Low Contrast – Stick to pastels and try light blues and pinks.

Black people are the exception to this rule. They should follow the same guidelines as high-contrast gents—that means bold alternating colors like purple and turquoise.


2. The right perfume

How to look sexy may have less to do with how you look and more to do with how you smell.

The right men's cologne can drastically improve your sexiness.

Evidence for this comes from a 2011 book called The Neurobiology of Sensation and Reward.

It analyzed two major surveys and found that men's scent had a strong influence on women's choices. The study itself claims that men can seduce women with scent alone, but the scent must suit the woman.
How to Make a Man Look Hot in 5 Easy Steps
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A second study, conducted in Nara, Japan, examined how different scents affect men and women. When women smell scents typically associated with masculinity – wood, musk, etc.

Their testosterone levels rise significantly, increasing the likelihood of sexual assault.

Don’t underestimate the power of a signature scent.

3. Ditch the sneakers and use dress boots

We solved this problem again with leather. Boots have always conveyed authority. With modern men's style, you can upgrade any look with them.

Let's default to science again. GQ magazine did a survey back in 2007, asking women what they were looking for in a man with style.
How to Make a Man Look Hot in 5 Easy Steps
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76% of women say they want to see boots on a first date. This is a pretty big number.

The best part is the variety. There are definitely some boots that resonate with you.

You just have to find them.

4. Don’t shave your body hair either

Want to know how to look sexy? You may want to put the trimmer down for a while.
How to Make a Man Look Hot in 5 Easy Steps
A 2016 survey from the Archives of Sexual Behavior examined women's preferences. It turns out that the right amount of body hair is universally loved.

Some chest hair is sexy, but no one likes an unkempt man.
One caveat: Men with too much chest hair are considered unattractive. What really appeals to ladies is the gentle concentration around the pecs and sternum.

Trim it, but don't shave it.

5. The power of straps

There are many benefits to wearing a sling.

They adjust posture by putting some pressure on your back and shoulders. They improve circulation by eliminating tightness in the waistband.

Suspenders also add verticality to your overall look, meaning you appear taller. Unfortunately, height is what women strive for in men.
How to Make a Man Look Hot in 5 Easy Steps
Slings make a man look taller while improving his posture.
You can't control your height, but you can control your appearance. Suspenders—as well as any vertical pattern—add to the illusion.

When you do this, make sure your upper body has the most eye-catching accessories. Go for a monochromatic look – this means all the colors in your outfit are essentially the same.

Summary – Smart Ways to Look Sexy
Being handsome isn't always about genes, it's also about intelligence.

Remember, your style is your weapon and your wardrobe is your arsenal.

By adding the right touches in the right places, you can significantly increase your sex appeal.