7 Ways To Look Better Than Your Friends

Why is it important to be the best-dressed man? Let me set the scene. You walk into a party with two of your buddies. All three of you are single. You're looking to have a great time...And boom – you see her across the room.

  • Dominate With Red And Black

7 Ways To Look BETTER Than Your Friends

Colors send subconscious messages. When you wear them, you project certain emotions. Research published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology suggests that certain colors make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Attract attention by wearing a conspicuous contrasting color.

The study found that women found men wearing red and black - the colors of dominance, confidence and attractiveness - to be the most attractive.

  • Command Attention With Your Accessories

7 Ways To Look BETTER Than Your Friends

"Accessorizing" is the art of adding accessories to complete an outfit and is overlooked by many men. Accessories make your outfit pop. The simpler your outfit, the bolder your accessories will be.

Accessories allow you to express yourself without having to say a word. But be careful about over-accessorizing. Piling on the jewelry can overwhelm your outfit and make you look unattractive - just as you overcompensate for everything else.

Limit your accessories to one per body part.

First and foremost, you need a quality watch. Your watch doesn't just tell the time, it sends a message to those around you.

Adding a pocket square, boutonniere or lapel pin to your suit jacket is a simple and very effective way to stand out from those around you.

  • Peacock With Style And Fabrics

Add a touch of luxury to your outfit to make you more attractive. Wear a red or black velvet or cashmere blazer - the color will appeal to you and the luxurious texture will make them want to touch you.

If you want to look like a badass, then get yourself a turtleneck sweater and pair it with a blazer. Wearing a turtleneck sweater is a no-brainer. A double-breasted blazer is sophisticated, refined and elegant, perfect for when you want to stand out.

  • The Best Dressed Man Pays Attention To Detail

We've covered the main colors, accessories and peacocks. To be fair, you've probably got the girl's attention. So don't let yourself down with the details.

Your belt, shoes and strap should match as closely as possible. If you have black shoes, make sure your belt is black.

Tuck in your formal shirt and pay attention to your show line. The show line is an imaginary line down the shirt placket, aligned with the belt buckle, and then aligned with the front seam of the pants.

The difference between mediocre and the best-dressed man is attention to detail.

Next, polish your shoes and make sure to replace those worn laces. Use collar braces to keep your collar stiff, and if you're wearing a jacket, make sure you undo the second button! Can you see the ½ shirt cuff at the end of the sleeve?

Always iron your clothes - don't look sloppy with wrinkled or creased clothing.

  • Dress For Your Body Shape

7 Ways To Look BETTER Than Your Friends

Masculine silhouettes - full breasts, lean torsos and strong shoulders - appeal to women. We're not all built that way, but you can create the illusion with the right clothes. Know your body type and learn to emphasize the best aspects of your body type to take the attention away from your undesirable features.

Dress for the body you have now. Don't put off the closet improvements you've been working on for your 2-year diet plan.

Remember, you can't be the best-dressed man if your clothes don't fit.

And your blazer - does it fit like a second skin? Pay special attention to the shoulders and sides - cut to a tapered shape. This simple trick can make your suit look 1000 times better. Is it long enough?

  • Wear Your Clothes (Your Clothes Don't Wear You)

7 Ways To Look BETTER Than Your Friends

If you rarely dress nicely or impress people, it will show when you wear new clothes for the first time. You may appear nervous or self-conscious, which are unattractive traits.

"A person should look as if he bought his clothes smartly, put them on carefully, and then forgot about them." -Hadi Amis

Practice wearing your clothes and make yourself feel confident in them. Walk around the house in your clothes until it becomes natural to you.

Don't wear them well all at once; build a base closet and change your clothes one by one over time until you build an interchangeable closet.

  • Power Posing

To attract a mate, animals take up more space and maximize their presence.

You walk into a room and instinctively know who the "top dog" is - the guy takes up more space, his chest is outward, his shoulders are down and back. He may not be the best-dressed person in the room, but he gets everyone's attention. You need to be that person.

Assuming a "high power pose" not only makes you more attractive; it can boost your confidence. To take a power pose, straighten your chest, lift your chest, and bring your shoulders down and back. Raise your head - imagine there is a rope pulling on the top of your head - and place your hands on your hips. If you are sitting, lean back and stretch your legs.

Practice every day until it becomes natural.