12 Topics Guys Like to Talk About

Which Topic Do You Care? 

12 Topics Guys Like to Talk About

Women may be better known for this aspect of gossip-telling, but we all know who the real culprits are! If you want the latest gossip, you'll likely know it faster at the barbershop and beauty salon than you'll hear it in the ladies' room.

Men are known for pouring out all the dirt on everything from relationships to the big game. There seems to be nothing left unsaid between a group of guys! Have you ever wondered what they talk about in the gym locker room? While we can't say for sure, here are 12 things that most men like to talk about.

  •  Men's Love Cars
      12 Topics Guys Like to Talk About

      What do men have to do with cars? They've been fascinated by wheels since they were little boys racing Matchbox cars. Whether men are young or old, they still talk about cars. Who has newer cars and have opinions about which makes and models are faster. They like to spin the tires, rev the engine, and show off their rides any time they get together.

      • Sporting Event
      12 Topics Guys Like to Talk About

      Nothing seems to get a group of men more excited than a good sporting event. Whether it's watching baseball from the stands or cheering on the Super Bowl at home, men love sports. They'll even spend hours talking about their favorite teams and statistically betting with friends on season results.

      • Women

      Women always get a bad reputation for talking about men, but we're not as bad as men! When a group of men get together, the topic of women is a must-have. From women's bodies to their minds, every man enjoys a carefully considered comparison with his friend's.

      • Funny Dirty Jokes
      12 Topics Guys Like to Talk About

      Okay, let's admit it. If you walk up to a group of guys, you'll probably hear a dirty joke or two. It seems like our guys try to use up all their potty humor when they're together, but that's okay. At least it saves us the embarrassment of them telling these jokes in front of their families, right?

      • The "Glory" Days in High School
      12 Topics Guys Like to Talk About

      Have you ever heard a group of people compare the "glory days" of their youth? These little moments of reminiscing are common for men, especially when they get together. They relive the parties, games and hilarious pranks of high school.

      • Bodily Functions

      It's gross and we don't really understand it, but it seems most men don't pass up the opportunity to body machine and have a good discussion. From gasoline to boogers, they cover everything at some point in a typical male conversation.

      • Politics Reddit
      12 Topics Guys Like to Talk About

      Men usually like to express their views on politics. Whether they enjoy heated debates or expressing sympathy for unfair taxes and stupid laws, most men like to talk about politics.

      • What is Gender

      Whether they are young or old, most men like to talk about sex. Even if your guy doesn't kiss and tell, he probably at least likes to talk about sex with his friends. Guys are naturally curious about how they compare to groups of friends.

      • Clothes and Fashion

      Clothes can also be a way for men to show off, whether it's wearing a designer shirt or a tight shirt, clothes are all about showing off your attitude and status, but when it comes to being able to impress the woman you're courting, men usually try harder.

      • Travel  Around
      12 Topics Guys Like to Talk About

      Travel is another conversation topic that men like to bring up. Why? Travel is great because it provides an opportunity for people to escape and it can also bring people together, especially men. Discussing travel excites most people, and it also provides some insight into who someone really is. Some people like to discuss party destinations that have all the deals you can drink and party.

      • The Future

      Aside from sports, hobbies, travel and all those mundane things. In most cases, men also discuss among themselves their life plans for the future, after all, every man has a strong competitive spirit. If you are missing ideas for your own planning, you can also get advice from your friends.

      • Fitness Friendshiop

      Men who discuss fitness don't even realize how much they talk about it because it really becomes an obsession. Fitness also makes it easier for men to make new friends and meet together at the gym on weekends. Because the benefits and rules of fitness are so ingrained in a man's brain, it not only makes a man more confident, but also easier to talk to girls.

      These are just 8 things most men like to talk about, but there's more. From music to movies, men like to talk just as much as women do. They are logical problem solvers by nature, while women are more emotional. Naturally, when they get together, they solve the world's problems, relive their glory days, and maybe swap a dirty joke or two. It's just part of being a man. At least that's our theory!