How to Choose the Best Tie for Work

Best Tie for Work

Dressing for work should be quick and easy, not an infuriating struggle to match your tie to your suit. Use these simple tips to get dressed faster and look crisper with minimal effort.

But why do you want to wear a tie? Most importantly, it earns respect. The fact that you take the time and effort to wear one clearly shows that you care about your appearance.

Best Tie for Work

But how do you choose the perfect tie for your suit? Here is our guide to matching ties to suits.

Ties are second nature

When choosing a tie, follow these golden rules.

The tie should be compatible with the rest of the outfit, not the other way around.

Best Tie for Work

You can wear a nice tie. But if it doesn't go well with the rest of your outfit, you're sure to get some disapproving looks. No matter how impressive your tie is, costumes are a team game. It's not a one-man show.

So it's best to find a tie that complements your suit, rather than building an entire outfit around it.

  • Proportions
Best Tie for Work

When standing in a natural position, ideally the tip of your tie should be in the middle of your belt/waistband. As a rule of thumb, your tie should be roughly as wide as your lapel. This is usually about 3 to 3.5 inches.

A perfectly long and wide tie can make your outfit very stylish.

  • Patterns
Best Tie for Work

Having a variety of patterns can provide the depth you need to your outfit. However, three isn't always better than two. Make sure you never use more than 2 patterns. Different patterns for shirts, suits and ties can make your outfit look too heavy.

The most common patterns are solids, polka dots, stripes and paisleys. It is best to stick to 2 unique patterns in your outfit. You should wear a patterned shirt and suit or a patterned shirt and tie.

Avoid using the same pattern on both the tie and the shirt.

The color of your tie should be darker than the color of your shirt. A tie that is the same color as the shirt or lighter will make the tie blend into the shirt

  • Fabrics
Best Tie for Work

Linen and cotton are excellent choices for spring and summer wear. However, they tend to wrinkle, so they need to be stored carefully to keep their shape.

Wool ties are very formal and perfect for winter. Knit ties have more depth than other ties. They are best for casual occasions.

As we have seen, the type of tie you choose to wear to work can convey a lot about you. A tie says a lot about your professionalism and what is important to you