4 Summer Shirt Styles

Summer Shirt Styles for Men

4 Summer Shirt Styles

For men, summer and fashion don't always go hand in hand. It's easy to look good when the temperature drops.

From the top of your head, you might associate summer style with college style: pastel shorts, polo shirts, Topsider. While they definitely have the spirit of comfort, preppies don't have a monopoly on warm looks. Whether you want edgy, sporty or anything in between, step it up this summer and make it happen.

These 4 classics will make you look cool (no matter how hot it is):

  1. Plain White Shirt

4 Summer Shirt Styles

You probably already have a white shirt. It's a must-have menswear item. White shirts are a versatile classic all year round, while being especially good for summer. White keeps you cool and goes well with summer suits and pants colors.

It's also easy to dress up or dress down.

Light blue, light gray and khaki all work well with white shirts. Add a tie in a fresh color, a belt and some loafers and it's perfect.

  1. Solid Colored Pastel Shirts

4 Summer Shirt Styles

Light blue is probably the second most common color for men's shirts - and once again, you probably already own it. It's a little more casual than white, but still acceptable anywhere you need a business dress code. Blue is a color that has a psychological impact - indicating friendliness and trust - and is easy to pair with summer clothing.

Pink formal shirts - and other pastel formal shirts - can dress up jeans, wear suits, and go perfectly with business casual attire. Give it a try and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

  1. Subtle Patterned Shirts

For formal events like weddings, classic patterns such as pinstripes and herringbone will keep your look sharp while creating a more festive summer vibe.

4 Summer Shirt Styles

More casual options - stripes, V-shapes, plaids - are the perfect summer shirt style for outdoor social or business events. Stick to lighter colors to maintain a seasonal feel. Drop the tie and don't button the top two buttons.

  1. Bold Patterned Shirts

 4 Summer Shirt Styles

Bolder patterns are still more casual than the options above. They take the formal shirt from serious and business like to fun and expressive. For this reason, they're not suitable for formal office wear - but they're also a good choice for more relaxed office environments. They're also great for summer nights or daytime outings - think parties and barbecues.

Paisley, florals and other large prints are some of the bolder patterns. So are some checks and stripes - larger stripes and checks, brighter colors and more variety all make for more casual patterns. Again, stick to lighter colors for summer shirt styles.

Stay Cool and Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

Summer is here, but that doesn't mean you have to give up fashion. You just need to stay fashionable while wearing less clothes. Since you know how to dress for the summer heat, this is totally doable.

I can't promise you won't sweat, but if you invest in the right fabrics, wear the right colors and make your clothes summer-appropriate, you won't feel like you're suffocating.

The temperature may go up, but you'll stay comfortable.