6 Men's Winter Clothing Must-Haves

Winter clothing. Can you be practical, warm and stylish? You want to stay warm, but that shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice your style, right? Without further delay, let's take a look at 6 cold weather casual clothing essentials you'll need when the temperature drops.

Long Sleeve Henley Shirt
Men's Winter Clothing

Think of a Henley shirt as a more personalized t-shirt. The Henley is collarless, has a round neckline and a button placket, and is usually about 4 inches long. It is available in long and short sleeves - the long sleeve Henley shirt is our winter choice.

I know what you're thinking. How does the Henley shirt fit into the "winter wear" category? The Henley shirt is great for winter layering. It's a great base layer that you can add cotton, facecloth or denim shirts on top of. For a great three-layer look (and extra warmth), you can add a sleeveless insulated jacket on top of these two layers.

Always remember the golden rule: stay healthy. To rock a Henley shirt, choose simple neutrals and use layers to add contrast and interest to your look.

Winter Wear - Button Down Shirts
Men's Winter Clothing

The meaning of a button-down shirt can be confusing. The difference between a button-down shirt and a button-down shirt is that a button-down shirt has buttons on the collar to hold it in place.

Men's button-down shirts have a soft collar and are made of casual, rugged materials like flannel and denim. Facecloth is especially great for keeping you warm and stylish this winter in a simple, fitted white t-shirt or long-sleeved Henley shirt.

Keep your buttons warm and casual this winter in a sweater - and let the collar, sleeves and bottom top it off.

Button-down fabrics often come with patterns and feature pockets and epaulettes. You won't see these features on traditional formal shirts; they add to the casual look.

Men's Hoodies
Men's Winter Clothing

Layer a hoodie under a facecloth shirt or leather jacket for a stylish winter look.

There are no two ways about it - men's hoodies are casual, but when worn right, hoodies look as good as any casual sweater. Your hoodie should fit well, have no slack in the waist, and it should never be longer than where your pants sit.

Men's hoodies are available in a variety of colors, fabrics, styles and patterns - with or without logos. For the best look, keep it simple - choose solid colors and avoid conspicuous branding. Zippered styles will give you a sleek, slim look that's perfect for layering.

You can pair a hoodie with a leather jacket for a warm, comfortable and stylish look, or with a pike coat or pea coat for an urban, modern look.

Men's Knit Sweaters

Men's Winter Clothing

Wool knitwear is an important part of any man's winter closet. Wool is the perfect material to keep you warm and is synonymous with winter wear.

Textured sweaters like chain or jacquard knits will bring visual interest to your look and work well under outer layers like denim jackets. Sweaters made with uncooked wool retain their natural oils, which means they are water-resistant and hard-wearing when wet.

Knitted sweaters should fit your body, not be baggy or tight. When buying, you may want to go slightly larger, as wool will shrink a bit when washed.

Men's Formal Sneakers
Men's Winter Clothing

At one time, men's sneakers were very casual, but now you can buy formal sneakers designed to go with suits, chinos and jeans.

The key is to avoid looking sloppy and, of course, to avoid the dreaded "dad shoe". Dad sneakers are chunky and usually have a logo that is synonymous with ill-fitting faded jeans. These sneakers are acceptable in the gym, but acceptable elsewhere - no Velcro, please. Ever!

You should choose low top sneakers (showing your ankles) rather than high top sneakers (covering your ankles). If you need ankle support when your feet are slippery, consider a casual ankle boot like the chukka boot.

Men's Leather Boots
Men's Winter Clothing

The work boot is a sturdy, practical lace-up leather boot that was originally designed for manual work. Work boots are the perfect durable winter footwear. Think of the work boot as a rugged cousin to the Chelsea boot. They look great with dark, slim indigo jeans and a knit sweater.

Waterproofness is high on your priority list. Look for Goodyear appliqués and full-grain leather so you can carry a waterproof finish, like dubbing

We finally got it. 6 winter must-haves to keep you casual, stylish and warm this winter.