The Average Cost of a Wedding—How Much Should You Spend?

The Average Cost of a Wedding
What is the Average Cost of a Wedding?

According to the research report that the states with the lowest average wedding costs in 2021 are Idaho and Oklahoma, at $16,000. New Jersey has the highest, at $47,000. You can also hire a professional to work out every detail of your wedding, or you can do it yourself. Either way, your first thought may be, "How much is this all going to cost in total?"

What Causes Costs to Increase?
The Average Cost of a Wedding

To make sure you get what you want within your wedding budget, we looked at wedding services and their costs based on national averages. Careful planning can reduce your chances of encountering unexpected surprises along the way.

Here Are Some Important Things to Consider when Planning Your Big Day.
  • What is the Typical Cost of Wedding Services Where You Live?
  • How Will Hidden Costs Affect Your Wedding Budget?
  • What Do You Need to Include in Your Wedding Budget?
Make Your Money Work for You
The Average Cost of a Wedding

Whether you do it yourself or some professional help, read on for tips on staying on track with your wedding budget on one of the most memorable days of your life.

  • Wedding Planner

Average cost: $1,700 (varies by state)

- Wedding day tasks such as timelines, setup, managing seating charts

- Venue selection

- Communication and correspondence

- Post-wedding clean-up and breakdown.

  • Flowers 🌹

Average cost: $2,300 (bride's bouquet, bridesmaids' bouquets, mother of the bride and groom flowers)

- Florist consultation

- Flower samples

- Flower storage

- Delivery and setup

  • Wedding Cakes🍰

Average cost: $500, depending on how many attendees you have

- Guest cake, bride's cake, groom's cake

- Consultation and tasting

- Stands, hats, utensils

  • Master of Ceremonies

Average cost: $500-$800, $50-$100 gratuity

- Pre-wedding counseling

- Travel expenses

- Performing the ceremony

- Completing, signing and filing a marriage license with the state

  • Photographer📷

Average cost: $2,500

- Number of hours

- Travel expenses

- Additional staff

- Digital images and editing

  • Videographer 🎥

Average cost: $1,900

- Number of hours

- Travel expenses

- Video editing and highlight reel.

  • Catering

Average cost: $75 per person

- Cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages

- Additional staff, such as cooks and waiters

- Equipment rental, such as tables, chairs

- Additional costs, such as corkage fees and cake cutting

  • Wedding Venue

Average cost: $10,700

- Location costs, such as chapel, ballroom, hotel and Parking

  • Reception DJ

Average cost: $1,400

- Playing recorded music

- Hosting

- Toasts and announcements

- Audio equipment

  • Live Band🎸 

Average cost: $4,300

- Emcee

- Sound equipment

- Microphone, sound system, speakers

- Performers

  • Ceremony Music

Average cost: $200-$500

- Solo, duo or group

- Live or recorded

  • Bridal Gowns

Average cost: $1,800

  • Groom's Tuxedo

Average cost: $300-$1,000, rented or purchased

- Shirt and slacks

- Tailoring

- Accessories

  • Transportation🚗

Average cost: $900

- Cars, vans, limousines, SUVs

- Insurance

- chauffeur, driver

  • Hair And Makeup💄

Average cost: Makeup $115, hair $130

- Hair stylist, makeup artist

- Extras, such as eyelashes, waxing

- Additional staff

Wedding Planning Tips
The Average Cost of a Wedding

Consult your partner for advice. Your partner's input is important. Make decisions together to avoid any conflicts on your wedding day.

Stick to your budget. Your budget is the basis for any decisions you make about your wedding. Make sure your personal finances are in good shape before diving into wedding planning

Stay organized. Keep all your wedding business intact and in one place. Use apps and online tools to organize all your plans and documents.