Indoor vs. Outdoor Weddings: How To Choose

Planning your wedding is an exciting time, and choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions that you will make when organizing your special day. 💗

Indoor Outdoor Weddings

Deciding between an indoor wedding venue or an outdoor wedding venue can be a difficult choice to make. If you are struggling to decide between an indoor or outdoor wedding, this article should help you to weigh up your options and select the perfect choice for your big day.

Indoor wedding considerations. ✨

Indoor Outdoor Weddings

  • More control can be given to unpredictable elements.

As mentioned earlier, indoor spaces offer you the bliss of climate control without worrying about wind, sun or rain. If you want to avoid having to come up with a "Plan B", then an indoor reception is the way to go.

  • Fewer logistical worries.

Unless you're getting married in a completely "raw space" indoor venue, you can rest assured that you have built-in electrical outlets, restrooms and kitchen facilities! Most indoor venues also have nearby parking and wheelchair access.

  • Limited views - limited space!

Unless your indoor venue has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a beautiful view, you will only have a limited view of the outdoors. If you're hosting a large wedding for more than 300 people, you may have a hard time finding an indoor venue that suits both your style and the number of guests you'll have.

  • Possible decorating restrictions.

As much as you may want to dress up your wedding venue, you'll need to ask about restrictions on décor. Discuss your vision for your wedding with your venue manager and read your contract carefully - you don't want any surprises when it comes to what can and can't be included in your decor.

  • In the meantime, your catering and cake will look great.

In addition to your own comfort, the beauty of a climate-controlled interior is that the food and sweets will be kept at the right temperature - and protected from the elements!

  • Artificial lighting.💡

Dim or even dark indoor locations can be seriously (or completely!) dependent on artificial lighting, which means you need to make sure your photographer is skilled at taking beautiful indoor photos in these conditions. Ask to see a wedding in their portfolio that was shot in a location similar to yours.

Outdoor wedding considerations. 🎉

Indoor Outdoor Weddings

  • Mother Nature is the guest of honor.

The main attraction of an outdoor wedding is definitely Mother Nature - and she's not always in a happy mood! A beautiful setting often comes with the chance of rain, strong winds messing up your hair, or heat and humidity, which gives new meaning to the phrase "sweat for the wedding. At the very least, you need to consider giving a cashmere sweater or parasol as a wedding gift to protect your guests from the wind and rain and keep them comfortable!

  • Implement a severe weather back-up plan!

To be on the safe side, know the weather forecast for your wedding day in advance, make sure you provide your out-of-town guests with any closet and travel tips they need to prepare, and always have a contingency plan in place. Remember, "Plan B" isn't always free! Keeping extra space for "just in case" activities can cost a fortune. While we love a good tent reception. Those canopies can be expensive! If contingency planning threatens to destroy your budget, you may need to reconsider your outdoor activities.

  • It may be necessary to bring in a lot of rentals.

This can include everything from tables, chairs, linens and tableware to sound systems and decorations

  • There's nothing like natural light!

While your wedding photographer should be great at taking great photos indoors, outdoors, and at any time of day or night, I think we can all agree that natural light is the dreamiest!

  • Creamy and sweaty. 🍰

Disgusting, but true. When you choose an outdoor reception, you need to consider your catering and cake options. Fondant lasts longer in hot weather than melted cream ...... And you may want to forgo the cheese platter in the summer.

  • Lawn games!

Use the open outdoor space for fun lawn games and entertain your guests in between events. The outdoor area is also great for kids to play, as they can run around freely while their parents sit back and enjoy the festivities.

  • Creepy critters can go crazy.

Depending on the season, insects and other critters may be unwelcome "guests" at your wedding. If bugs are a potential problem, well-placed citronella candles or bug spray can save everyone a lot of discomfort.

Can’t Decide Between Indoor or Outdoor? Have Both!

Indoor Outdoor Weddings

If you’ve made it this far and still are not sure whether to choose an indoor or outdoor wedding venue, we have a solution for you: choose both!

  1. Look into wedding venues that offer both indoor and outdoor spaces.This way you can keep the food inside in the climate-controlled environment but take breathtaking wedding photos outdoors.
  1. Have an outdoor wedding ceremony with an indoor reception or vice versa. With this option, you get to say “I do” with the ocean or mountains as your backdrop and then dance the night away inside where there is air conditioning.
  1. Choose an outdoor setting with wedding tents. If you want the pros of an outdoor wedding with protection from the elements, consider having a tented wedding. This provides structure and protection for your guests with the flexibility of being outdoors.